Buy 1oz Perth Mint Gold Dragon Coin Bar in New Zealand.
The 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar has arrived.  MyGold is proud to carry this unique piece for precious metals enthusiasts, everyday investors and those who simply have an appreciation for things of beauty.  This year’s Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Bar sports a Chinese dragon displayed in a highly stylistic rectangular format. Each of these bars, also referred to as coins, is struck by the famous Perth Mint. The Mint uses a single ounce of 99.99% pure gold for each bar. Only 20,000 new Dragon bars will be released this year so don’t assume there will be one available at some point down the road.  Investors who act quick will snag one or several new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bars for their collection.

1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar Design
The new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar features a dragon chasing a pearl on fire. The background is lined with puffy white clouds, giving the piece that much more visual appeal. The bar also displays the following information: the monetary denomination, the year of 2019, the one and only Perth Mint mintmark, the bar’s fineness and its weight. An effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is also displayed. Her Majesty is portrayed by artist Jody Clark.

The Importance of the Dragon
The Chinese have long favoured dragons as their culture considers these creatures to be somewhat divine. Dragons are revered by the Chinese for their strength, mythical nature, positive fortune and wealth. Dragons are commonly portrayed by Chinese artists with pearls aflame and other luminous objects nearby or in the background. The Chinese also believe dragons rule the weather and water.

1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar Details
Each 2019 oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Bar is considered legal tender in accordance with Australia’s Currency Act of 1965. This piece is 99.99 percent pure gold, weighs 31.107 grams and has dimensions of 41.6 mm by 24.6 mm by 2.40 mm. Though the item is officially dubbed a “bar”, it is actually a coin. The item is called a “coin” by some as it has legitimate face value. The piece currently has a face value of $100 yet it will almost certainly appreciate as time progresses.  Buy today and you will have a legitimate investment as well as a lovely new piece for your collection.

MyGold has the new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar
The new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar is available at MyGold starting February 1, 2019. You can let us know you are interested ahead of time and we will reach out to you as soon as the this year’s edition of the popular bar arrives. Give us a call at 0800 465 369 to learn more about our precious metals and schedule an appointment.  If you prefer to reach us online, send a message to You can also fill out our convenient online contact form and we will give you a call, e-mail or text at our earliest convenience.