1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo coin 2019
Every New Zealand investor or coin collector looking to add an immaculate piece to their collection should pick up the new 1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo 2019 Coin. Though it has a monetary denomination of mere a single Australian dollar, the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo 2019 Coin is collected far and wide as a keepsake and potentially valuable piece. This is gorgeous coin really makes the perfect addition to collections. If you have any interest in investing or coin collecting, you should leap into the new year with this iconic coin.
About the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo 2019 Coin
The masterminds responsible for the Perth Mint’s Australian Bullion Coin Program are receiving adoration from across the globe for their latest creation. The 1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo 2019 Coin is the Perth Mint’s most dazzling piece in recent memory. The coin features unparalleled craftsmanship, elite artistry and the backing of the one and only Perth Mint. This special coin has a 99.99% purity/fineness. Give the ’19 Silver Kangaroo a close look and you will immediately want it for your collection, investment portfolio or as a decorative piece for your home.
The Coin’s Design
This new Silver Kangaroo is lauded for its unique design. The 2019 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Perth Mint Coin features a portrayal of the red kangaroo surrounded by glorious rays of bright sunshine. The imagery makes the coin stand out from other coins made in recent years, even amongst those made at the famous Perth Mint. The obverse side of the 2019 Silver Kangaroo features a new effigy of Queen Elizabeth II created by Jody Clark. The denomination is shown below Her Majesty.
The reverse side also features an authentication feature. This is a micro-laser engraving. The coin inscription displays: Australian Kangaroo that can only be detected with a magnifying glass. This means it is nearly impossible to forge a 2019 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Perth Mint Coin. You can buy this coin with complete peace of mind that no one will be able to replicate it and ruin your investment. Additional inscriptions display the year of the coin, the metal purity and the metal content.
The Importance of the Kangaroo
Kangaroos are an important component of Australia’s landscape and culture. This animal symbolizes the nation’s diverse wildlife. In fact, kangaroos are native to Australia. Anyone who has seen a kangaroo up close is quick to agree these amazing creatures are the largest marsupials on planet Earth. It is particularly interesting to note female kangaroos carry their babies in their pouch for upwards of two full months following birth. These little kangaroos, known as joeys, remain close to their parents until they reach eight months of age.
Red kangaroos are especially intriguing. This is the variety of kangaroo featured on the 2019 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Perth Mint Coin. Red kangaroos jump on their strong hind legs at remarkable rates of speed. These animals hop with admirable fluidity, hitting speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour with ease. Red kangaroos can cover up to 25 feet in one leap. Male kangaroos are quite large compared to female kangaroos yet both are willing to box one another to establish dominance. The fact that the red kangaroo design of Stuart Devlin is used for the 2019 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Perth Mint Coin is a testament to the importance of this animal to the culture of Australia. The red kangaroo is depicted perfectly on the coin, hopping along just as is commonly seen in the Australian bush.
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