20 Gold Francs 1892 of Austrian Coin Image

20 Gold Francs 1892 of Austrian Coin

All 1892 dated Austrian gold 20 francs 8 florins are Austrian Mint official restrikes, issued partially as commemoratives, and partly as a gold bullion coin.
All other dates are considered normal, and would have been struck during, or shortly after, the year which they display.
The dual denomination 20 francs 8 florins is one of the many varied denominations of gold coin which Austria has produced in its long history. Between 1870 and 1892 Austria produced two different coin types, each of which carried face values in two different monetary systems, this is because these coins were “trade coinage” intended for international use as bullion coins. These types were the 20 francs / 8 florins which we feature on this page, and its sibling the 10 francs / 4 florins.
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