One of the most beautiful aspects of the internet is the rise of the citizen journalist and the freedom of the individual to choose his or her own news sources. Whether it is an uprising in Egypt, or an economic data report from the Federal Reserve – the days of governments and corporate behemoths being able to control the news are numbered…provided that the internet is defended as an open platform for the free exchange of ideas and betterment of mankind.
By harnessing the power of the internet – just one person with an idea can indeed change the world. Julian Assange (Wikileaks), and countless others are testament to this fact.
A great example of this type of journalism occurred in the silver market recently. An anonymous YouTuber going by the name of ‘Drutter’ discovered a large divergence between the market price for silver, and the physical demand for Silver Eagles as reported by the US Mint.
‘Drutter’ posted a video online with his findings – and the precious metals community was astounded that a guy working from his backyard with a coffee and a cigarette was able to come up with data that industry heavyweights had missed with the information right under their noses. At the time, the largest bloggers and writers in the gold and silver world jumped on the story…and rewrote it as though they had discovered this anomaly themselves. ‘Drutter’ was left out in the cold, hardly ever being given any kudos for his discovery.