Selling your gold sovereign coins has numerous advantages. Buying gold sovereigns has been an integral part of investment plans for a long time for good reason. Historically, the price of gold coins will continue to increase, even when other investments face downward trends. Moreover, there is no risk of gold sovereigns becoming obsolete. The coins have been around since the 15th century and are considered the most recognized currency in the world.

Gold Sovereign Coin Basics

Sovereign coins are minted by the British Royal Mint and were originally produced in the United Kingdom between the years 1489 to 1604. Sovereigns produced after the year 1817 were released in mass numbers, and they have remained the most traded gold coin on the market. Since 1979, the Royal Mint has released collectible gold sovereign coins for collectors and traders. The gold coin is legal tender and not subject to capital gains taxes. Modern gold sovereign coins have a face value of one pound sterling and come in both full and half sizes. The full-size weighs 7.98 grams while the half sovereign weighs 3.98 grams. Sovereign gold coins in both half and full sizes share a common design—a profile image of the reigning monarch. Elizabeth II is currently featured on the face of the gold coins. On the reverse side, a production date is printed along with an image of St. George slaying a dragon. Gold sovereigns have a fineness of 0.9170 and include a copper alloy for improved durability. Gold sovereigns are minted from 22-carat gold with 7.31 grams of each sovereign pure gold.

Reasons to Sell Gold Sovereign Coins

Gold sovereigns are smaller than most other bullion. Investors prefer the smaller size because it adds extra convenience when buying and selling the coins. The coins hold their value even if paper currency changes value. The sovereign even has historical value, especially during times of war. During World War I, the sovereign was rendered on propaganda posters as a way to buildup support for wartime efforts. In World War II, British pilots were given the gold coins in case they needed to purchase their way out of hostage situations. In 1932, the sovereign eventually stopped being widely circulated as a pound coin due to the rising cost of gold. However, the Royal Mint took over production of gold sovereigns as the demand for the coins grew, especially in international markets. A number of collectible sovereigns have a very high value. For instance, the 1937 sovereign for King Edward VIII is extremely rare and valuable because the coins were never circulated due to his abdication.

Interested in selling your gold sovereign coins? Contact MyGold today to learn more about the easy and fair selling process. As a New Zealand based business, we are able to purchase gold sovereigns anywhere in the country. Transactions can be done in person at our Auckland location, but we offer a convenient courier pack service for those located in other cities in New Zealand. Courier pack services are free and very convenient with heightened security in place for all gold transactions. Kits arrive promptly and once gold is received and assessed, a no-obligation offer is sent to the seller. There are no hidden fees involved and payments are processed within 24 hours of offer acceptance. Any questions about selling gold sovereign coins or any other services, reach out to our specialists now.

MyGold’s CEO Rich Elliott joined ‘NZ Everyday Investor’ to discuss about precious metals and cryptocurrency in detail and its role in any investment portfolio.

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The Gold Buffalo has become a widely popular addition to any Gold bullion collection.

It appears as though the value of gold and other precious metals might be on the rise. Economic indicators point toward recession in the United States, China and other parts of the world. Global trade relations are at risk due to tariffs. The general public in New Zealand and the United States has little faith in government to solve pending economic woes. When this type of turmoil occurs, gold almost always increases in value. This just might be the best time in the past year or two to invest in gold.

Bad News for Equities is Good News for Gold Investors

Gold has shown a historically inverse relationship with equities prices. Veteran investors insist this is a good time to own gold as equities might be headed lower in the weeks and months to come. Economists far and wide believe stocks will face a bear market at some point in 2019. Though some investors will swoop in and buy on the dip, those dollars can only last for so long. At some point, selling will give way to even more selling. It is certainly possible the global economy will be in a bear market for a good portion of 2019 and possibly longer. If the market dips down, gold and other precious metals could increase in value surprisingly quickly. Investors tend to put their money in gold, silver and other precious metals as these investments are comparably stable when recessions strike.

A Looming Economic Recession is Great News for Gold Investors

Some macro models indicate the current economic expansion will become a recession in a couple quarters or even sooner. Some corporate insiders have initiated heavy selling in stock positions. Market watchers noticed this trend toward the start of the new year. If the United States stock market endures a sell-off and a corporate credit crisis develops, it just might be the perfect storm for a lengthy economic recession in the states, New Zealand and beyond. The fact that US GDP declined in the latest quarter is an ominous sign. Investors far and wide agree gold is one of the best places to protect money during a bear economy, regardless of how long the economic downturn lasts.

Time the business cycle trough right, put your money in gold and your prudent foresight could pay large dividends.  Even if the stock market does not fall, you will have diversified your investment portfolio with a precious metal that has served as an incredibly reliable store of value for thousands of years.  This is the type of investment you can make without feeling a hint of remorse.  April 2019 just might be one of the best times in history to join the ranks of the world’s gold owners.

MyGold: The New Zealand Gold Sellers You Have Been Looking For

Are you thinking about investing in gold or silver in New Zealand? MyGold has everything you need. From the world’s top gold bars to the most coveted gold coins and more, we have it all. Give us a call at 0800 465 369 to learn more about our gold inventory and buying gold in New Zealand.

Selling jewellery can be a profitable endeavour. Instead of leaving gold to collect dust in the bottom of jewellery cabinets, you can get paid for your unwanted items. Selling gold doesn’t have to be stressful either. As long as you conduct research on current gold prices and work with only trustworthy gold buyers, you can rest assured you are getting fair market value on your jewellery pieces.

Benefits of Selling Jewellery

The price of gold is always very good. The current market trend shows that the value of gold will continue to steadily rise. Since jewellery buying is a competitive business, you can usually get a respectable price on your gold pieces. When you choose to sell gold jewellery, you can earn extra income quickly. Selling gold is perfect to help save up for holidays, weddings, or other special events. Selling gold jewellery is also useful if you’re attempting to raise funds for a down payment for a big-ticket item like an automobile. Many individuals also choose to sell gold as a way to add money to their savings and retirement accounts.

Selecting Jewellery Items to Sell

The condition of your unwanted gold jewellery does not impact your ability to sell. Although you may not want jewellery that is tangled, broken, or mismatched, gold buyers will be interested. The reason is that gold jewellery pieces in poor shape can always be melted down to create new pieces. To decide what gold items to sell, evaluate each item individually. If you have not worn the jewellery for an extended period of time and you don’t have an emotional attachment to it, there’s no reason not to sell the piece. Examples of gold jewellery many individuals choose to sell include:

Keep in mind you can sell gold that isn’t jewellery. Examples include gold coins, bullion bars, gold rounds, and even gold fillings. It is very common for those looking to sell gold to be unsure of whether the jewellery is made from real gold or not. For instance, you may have inherited a gold ring from a relative who claims the ring is 18 karat gold. Until you get the ring appraised there is no guarantee of its value. When you’re unsure about the authenticity of any of your jewellery pieces, it is a good idea to secure an appraisal on the questionable items.

Selling Gold 101

Once you decide to sell your gold, research the current market prices. This helps you know what types of offers to expect on your gold jewellery. To properly research values, you should measure the gold with a kitchen or postal scale. The purity will also impact value. As an example, jewellery could be made up of 12 karat gold, which is 50 percent pure gold or 18 karat gold, which is 75 percent pure. The condition and designer of the gold jewellery could also cause price fluctuations. Most gold buyers will advise clients whether gold jewellery is better sold as-is or should be sold for scrap.

Selecting Gold Buyers

Learn more about gold buyers by looking through online reviews. See what other gold sellers are saying about the buyer and whether they had a positive experience to report. Beware of businesses that have a reputation for not paying a fair rate for jewellery and other gold items. Request quotes from the business before selling the gold and find out any terms of sale. If you’re unsure about the price offered for the gold, check with other vendors to compare. Local and online gold buyers will accept jewellery in exchange for money. If you do choose to sell gold jewellery through an online vendor, it is important to insure mailed items and use tracking to confirm delivery.

Selling unwanted gold is the perfect way to make money on items that are simply taking up space in your home. Choose reputable buyers who can offer you fair pricing and you will see a solid return on your gold pieces.

It is often said timing is everything in life. Applying to the right job at just the right time or meeting a potential flame after a breakup are two examples that show just how important timing really is. Timing is especially important when it comes to markets. Those who time their investments properly ultimately make the most money. The question is when, exactly, is the best time to buy gold and silver in 2019?

When to buy Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are becoming that much more popular with each passing day amongst the investing community as these precious metals tend to hold or increase their value across posterity. However, plenty of investors fail to time the market properly. The general assumption is January is the optimal time to purchase gold and silver. Thankfully, quantitative analysts have crunched the numbers on the prices of these precious metals. The math geeks calculated the average daily gain and loss for gold and silver from 1975 until today. The data reveals the price of gold typically spikes in the first few months of the year. The price of gold gradually decreases in the spring, continuing its dip into summer and bounces right back in autumn. Based on this historical data, the beginning of January, April and July are the best times to purchase gold.
It is particularly interesting that the price of gold rarely returns to its low from the previous year. January is the low point of the year yet this price floor is for that single year rather than the previous year. Though the price of gold did drop during some years in the past, this precious metal has an overarching upward trend that will likely continue across posterity. If you like to think in terms of annual quarters, the second quarter is optimal for purchasing gold as this period of months has been historically weak for the precious metal. The third quarter is typically the worst quarter to purchase gold as the precious metal typically increases in value between July and September.

Timing Your Silver Purchase

Quantitative analysts have also crunched the numbers on silver. Silver is comparably volatile. However, silver does not approach the January low like gold. Once all the data is analysed, it becomes quite clear the optimal time to purchase silver is late June. For the most part, silver does not move near its price from the previous year. However, there have been some years in which the price of silver dropped below its starting point. The moral of this story is historical data shows investors are inclined to invest in silver in January as this is when the precious metal’s price tends to be near its annual low.

Did You Miss the January Buying Opportunity? Don’t Fret!

If you did not buy gold or silver in any Januarys past, there is still an opportunity to make money if you time the market right. January is not the sole buying opportunity for gold or silver. The price of gold has decreased more in March than any other month since 1975. If you missed the gold boat in January, you just might be able to hop in around March and still make money. This price trend is not applicable to silver. The price of silver is fairly flat in March. For the most part, June is the best month to purchase silver. If you miss your buying opportunity in June, consider buying in August or September.

Be Strategic When Buying Precious Metals

The moral of this story is investors must time their precious metals investments with considerable care. In general, gold and silver are typically at their low points prior to August. However, the prices of gold and silver are out of your control. Do not over-focus on attempting to time the market just right. The number of ounces you own matters more than getting the timing just right. Furthermore, market conditions as opposed to the month or quarter also have the potential to create precious metals buying opportunities. Investors typically load up on gold bullion prior to an anticipated stock market decline. Investment analysts far and wide agree there is a good chance for a considerable stock market correction at some point in the next year or two. This is your opportunity to load up on gold and make a considerable amount of money.


MyGold has the precious metals you are looking for. Whether you are interested in gold or silver bullion, we have it. Give us a call at 0800 465 369 or send us an email at to learn more about our precious metals.

Investors, coin collectors and those who appreciate all things beautiful will love the 1 oz Silver Maple leaf coins. MyGold is proud to carry these coins in bulk in the form of the Silver Maple Monster box. This is your opportunity to get your hands on multiple widely-coveted Silver Maple Leaf coins.
About the Silver Maple Leaf Coin
First made by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1988, the Silver Maple Leaf coins were one of the first-ever bullion coins with 99.99 percent silver purity. The Silver Maple has been in heavy demand since its initial debut. The initial Silver Maple leaf was minted with a single troy ounce of 9999 fine silver. This coin has a face value of $5 CAD, giving it the highest face value of all silver bullion coins. The coin has a thickness of 3.29 mm and a diameter of 38.0 mm.
The silver maple’s obverse side displays a profile of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Susanna Blunt in 2003. The coin’s year of issue and face value are shown beneath this portrait. The coin’s reverse side is highlighted by the one and only Maple Leaf. The coin’s weight and purity are also noted on the reserve side.
Silver Maple Security
The maple leaf also has a laser engraved marking of “17” to note the year of issue. This detail can be seen with a magnifying glass, making the coin that much more difficult to fraudulently replicate. Furthermore, Silver Maple leaf coins have radial lines that guarantee reproductions with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, the coin has a distance line pitch and width, providing it with a signature look. The masterminds behind this gorgeous coin even added a textured maple leaf to the coin with laser technology. Invest in the Silver Maple coin and you will rest easy knowing this investment is legitimate. Your Silver Maples will hold their value or even increase across posterity as fraudsters cannot replicate these unique coins.
Details About the Silver Maple Monster Box
The Silver Maple Monster box measures 245 mm by 200 mm by 120 mm, weighing 17.2 kg. Each Silver Maple Monster box is transmitted directly from the Royal Canadian Mint with strapping to guarantee authenticity. Open your Silver Maple Monster Box and you will find 20 tubes, each containing 25 Silver Maple coins. All in all, the monster box has 500 flawless single ounce Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins. Each Monster Box has a Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) classification, meaning there is no indication of wear and tear. Though there might be very subtle imperfections such as contact marks resulting from the striking process, a diminutive light spot on the surface and/or a minimal break in lustre, such imperfections are insignificant.
The Merits of the Silver Maple Monster Box
The Silver Maple Monster Box is revered by coin collectors, investors and everyday people around the globe for numerous reasons. The Monster Box is a fantastic value as Silver Maple coins tend to be more affordable than other bullion coins. The coin’s unique design featuring light diffraction gives the coin considerable aesthetic appeal. Add in the fact that this coin has an array of security features noted above and it is easy to see why it is in high demand. The icing on the cake is the fact that the Monster Box is divisible. Buyers can easily sell Silver Maples in small lots. The same cannot be said of silver bars and some other larger items that cannot be divided for sale.
MyGold has the Silver Maple Monster Box
Every investor and coin enthusiast will be more than happy with the Silver Maple Monster Box. Give MyGold a call at 0800 465 369 to learn more about Silver Maples and order your Monster Box.

Buy the brand new 2019 Silver Dragon bars from the Perth Mint with MyGold.
The Perth Mint is releasing a brand new Silver Rectangular Bar. Dubbed the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar, this piece has a face value of $1. The new Silver Bar is actually a coin that resembles a bar. The piece’s design has been improved for the new year, giving the coin that much more mass appeal. Those in the industry often refer to items like the new 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar as “coins” as they have a legitimate face value as defined by the Australian Currency Act of 1965.

Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar Specifications
The new 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar is available in a limited mintage of 250,000. This 99.99 percent pure silver piece is protected with a special acrylic capsule. Each Silver Rectangular Bar is recognized as official Australian legal tender. The coin has a minimum gross weight of 31.107 grams. Its maximum dimensions are 47.6 mm. x 27.6 mm. The coin’s maximum thickness is 5.6 mm. All 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bars are struck at the famous Perth Mint, giving them that much more legitimacy and value.

Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar Design
The 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar boasts a glorious Chinese dragon featured in a distinct rectangular shape. The dragon was selected for this highly unique piece as it is respected throughout Chinese culture. The Chinese believe dragons rule the water and even control the weather. This mythical creature is meant to symbolize good luck, wealth, strength and power. The animal is commonly displayed amongst flaming pearls and other forms of illumination. The 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar displays the dragon pursuing a flaming pearl amidst a cloud-lined background.
Additional information featured on the 2019 Silver Rectangular Bar include the year of 2019, the fineness, weight, monetary denomination and the one-and-only “P” mintmark of the revered Perth Mint. The coin also displays an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Jody Clark. You will absolutely adore the look of this coin whether you feature it in your collection, on your desk, on a mantle or elsewhere.

The new 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar is Available at MyGold
MyGold is proud to carry the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar. This brand new piece will be in stock starting February 1, 2019. If you are interested in the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar, contact us at your earliest convenience. There is no guarantee the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar will still be available weeks or months after its initial debut. Contact us at 0800 465 369 to express your interest in the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Rectangular 2019 Bar. Let us know ahead of time that you are interested so we can reach out to you once your piece arrives. You can also contact MyGold online by sending a message to If you prefer that we contact you, complete our convenient online contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Buy 1oz Perth Mint Gold Dragon Coin Bar in New Zealand.
The 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar has arrived.  MyGold is proud to carry this unique piece for precious metals enthusiasts, everyday investors and those who simply have an appreciation for things of beauty.  This year’s Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Bar sports a Chinese dragon displayed in a highly stylistic rectangular format. Each of these bars, also referred to as coins, is struck by the famous Perth Mint. The Mint uses a single ounce of 99.99% pure gold for each bar. Only 20,000 new Dragon bars will be released this year so don’t assume there will be one available at some point down the road.  Investors who act quick will snag one or several new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bars for their collection.

1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar Design
The new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar features a dragon chasing a pearl on fire. The background is lined with puffy white clouds, giving the piece that much more visual appeal. The bar also displays the following information: the monetary denomination, the year of 2019, the one and only Perth Mint mintmark, the bar’s fineness and its weight. An effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is also displayed. Her Majesty is portrayed by artist Jody Clark.

The Importance of the Dragon
The Chinese have long favoured dragons as their culture considers these creatures to be somewhat divine. Dragons are revered by the Chinese for their strength, mythical nature, positive fortune and wealth. Dragons are commonly portrayed by Chinese artists with pearls aflame and other luminous objects nearby or in the background. The Chinese also believe dragons rule the weather and water.

1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar Details
Each 2019 oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Bar is considered legal tender in accordance with Australia’s Currency Act of 1965. This piece is 99.99 percent pure gold, weighs 31.107 grams and has dimensions of 41.6 mm by 24.6 mm by 2.40 mm. Though the item is officially dubbed a “bar”, it is actually a coin. The item is called a “coin” by some as it has legitimate face value. The piece currently has a face value of $100 yet it will almost certainly appreciate as time progresses.  Buy today and you will have a legitimate investment as well as a lovely new piece for your collection.

MyGold has the new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar
The new 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular 2019 Bar is available at MyGold starting February 1, 2019. You can let us know you are interested ahead of time and we will reach out to you as soon as the this year’s edition of the popular bar arrives. Give us a call at 0800 465 369 to learn more about our precious metals and schedule an appointment.  If you prefer to reach us online, send a message to You can also fill out our convenient online contact form and we will give you a call, e-mail or text at our earliest convenience.

Perth Mint Gold, Silver, Platinum Bullion Series.

Official New Zealand Distributor for the Perth Mint

Your investments are a guarantee for the future, a peace of mind and assurance that’s as precious as bars of gold bullion. When you want to secure that future with actual gold bullion in New Zealand, you’ll want to look to the products made by the Perth Mint for the highest quality. The 99.99% pure gold bullion and silver bullion offered by this historical institution carries with it the guarantee of the Government of Western Australia, allowing collectors to enjoy their gold and silver products with the support of official government overview and quality control. Thanks to more than 116 years of operation as a gold refiner, the gold bars, bullion and other products produced by the Perth Mint are a favoured choice for gold buyers in New Zealand.

Buy From an Official Perth Mint Authorised Gold Dealer

With any major investment, you are careful to complete due diligence – examining your choices, checking out your desired product, and weighing its historical financial performance or retail resale value before adding it to your portfolio of investments. Using a Perth Mint authorised dealer like MyGold® is doing the same careful investigation on an additional level; not only can you trust the Perth Mint gold products for sale on our site, you can trust the track record that earned us our seal of approval. The Perth Mint only awards this honour to a select handful of distributors in each country. In order for a New Zealand gold selling company like ours to earn the nod, we needed to demonstrate exceptional skill in areas such as the precious metals market, buying and selling precious metals in New Zealand, and providing these services to New Zealand investors (at scale).

Unique Status & Expertise

We are the only Perth Mint dealer in the entire country that refines and casts our own gold and silver bullion bars, that has been chosen for this distinction. You will appreciate the expertise behind your precious metals purchase when you select the MyGold® Company as your source for bullion, coins and bars.

A Wealth of Precious Metal Products to Choose From

While the spot price of gold or silver is typically the main factor in determining its value, the shape, form and limited-mintage can be a value-added attribute as well. The most popular products from the Perth Mint show a distinct Australian flair, an homage to the country of their creation:

Start Your Gold Bullion Collection Today

It’s time to enjoy your gold bullion and precious metal collection, secure in the knowledge you’ve bought from the best. MyGold® is an Official Perth Mint Authorised Gold and Silver Distributor, and we’re ready and waiting to help you start or bolster your precious metal investments today. If you have questions – which gold denominations are best, which gold coins are the most popular, how quickly can you start your gold coin collection, and so on – we’re here to provide you with the answers you need and stellar customer service as well. Come see for yourself why the Perth Mint chose us as a trustworthy distribution partner – and why our clients continue to recommend us to friends and family. We’re looking forward to being your source for the best gold buying and selling service in New Zealand.

Buy MyGold Silver bars in New Zealand.
If you are like most people, you are at least somewhat interested in investing in precious metals. The economy appears to be on the decline, the stock market is highly volatile and you need a place to park your hard-earned money. Though gold certainly gets plenty of attention, silver is also worth investing in. Like gold, silver is used in numerous products. Furthermore, it is a valuable precious metal that will likely be in demand for the rest of time. Let’s take a look at how to invest in silver.

Investing in Silver is Easier Than Most Assume
If you are thinking about investing in silver, the first step is to consider which type of silver you would like to invest in. Silver is not limited to bullion. You can invest in silver coins, paper silver certificates, silver mining shares and even exchange traded funds (ETFs). It is important to note silver in bar or coin form is the sole type of silver that does not have counter-party risk. This means tangible silver bullion is an asset based on liability to someone else. You and you alone will own the silver bullion and/or coins. There is no need to interact with bankers or any other financial professionals when you invest in tangible silver. Furthermore, it makes sense to invest in silver bullion and coins as the price of silver will never hit zero. The same cannot be said of fiat currencies and numerous other types of investments. Those interested in investing in precious metals will also be happy to learn silver is worth the same amount of money regardless of physical location. Investing in tangible silver really does provide the financial insurance every investor needs for peace of mind.

How Much Silver Should You Buy?
In general, those familiar with investing, finance and precious metals recommend investing between 5 and 10 percent of your money in silver. The exact percentage of your net worth that should be invested in silver will ultimately hinge on the percentage of your savings in other assets. If you have a particularly high percentage of your net worth tied up in the stock market, you are overexposed to its unpredictable whims. Investing upwards of 10 percent of savings in silver is sensible for investors who have put the majority of their money in other asset classes. In fact, some financial analysts recommend investing upwards of 20 percent of personal net worth in silver and other precious metals. If the brunt of your portfolio is comprised of paper assets, investing upwards of 20 percent might prove to be the optimal balance.

Select the Weight 
Silver coins are sold at varying weights. The majority of silver is sold at a weight of a single ounce. There are also silver bars of other sizes available. Take your time when deciding on whether a single ounce of silver is ideal or whether 1 kg silver bars, 5 kg silver bars or even 100 ounce silver bars are better.

Buy Your Silver at MyGold
MyGold is proud to carry silver bars and coins of varying types and weights. Whether you have questions about silver refining, casting, purity or anything else, we can help.  Give us a call at 0800 465 369 to learn more about our offerings.  If you prefer to contact us online, send an email to

Buy 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin with MyGold.

The 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin is the latest Perth Mint creation to hit the precious metals scene. This lovely coin is the 12th annual issue. Coin collectors, investors and those who have an appreciation for aesthetic beauty will appreciate this new coin. Let’s take a quick look at what makes the Perth Mint’s new Silver Koala coin unique, detail its features and delve into how you can add this piece to your collection.

1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin Details
The new Silver Koala is made with 99.99 percent pure silver. This year’s Silver Koala coin is sold in two sizes, each of which displays the koala moving along branches on a eucalyptus tree with gum leaves featured along the background. The eucalyptus tree is unique in that it is the tallest flowering tree or plant on the entire planet. Though eucalyptus trees are incredibly tall, koala bears have no trouble traversing them similar to agile gymnasts. The combination of images makes the new Silver Koala coin one of the most visually unique pieces to hit the market in quite a while.
The opposite side of the coin features a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Jody Clark. This highly distinct design is featured on the new Silver Koala coin with a flawless bullion finish that really sets the coin apart from others in terms of visual appeal. The coins also display the year, fineness, weight and denomination of one dollar in plain text. The Australian government fully backs the coin’s value.

What Makes the new Silver Koala Coin so Special?
All in all, 300,000 or less of the new 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coins will be made and distributed throughout the world. There is no doubt this coin will be highly coveted by coin collectors, precious metals enthusiasts and everyday people throughout the world in the short-term and across posterity. The Australian Koala coins are a component of the one and only Australian Bullion Coin Program strictly made at the famous Perth Mint. The series’ first started in 2007. The initial Silver Koala became an immediate hit thanks to its .9999 fine silver and beautiful design. Industry insiders agree there will be heavy worldwide demand for the new Silver Koala coins as they are backed by the Perth Mint, have a limited mintage and high purity.

MyGold has the new 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin
MyGold is proud to carry the new Silver Koala coin. If you are looking for the perfect new addition to your coin collection, seeking a way to invest in coins or simply desire something stunning to look at, the Silver Koala is worth consideration. Give MyGold a call to learn more about how to buy the Silver Koala, buy silver in other forms and make the most of your precious metals’ investment. You can reach us by phone at 0800 465 369. If you prefer to contact us by email, send a message to

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