Best Place to Buy Gold In New Zealand

MyGold Gold Mint

New Zealand gold-seekers need not look any further than MyGold for the best precious metals around. MyGold is the family owned precious metals seller revered by Kiwis far and wide. Our business is beloved throughout Auckland as we source the best gold and silver, provide fair prices and treat customers with the utmost respect.

MyGold has the Precious Metals You Desire

MyGold is proud to provide diverse gold and silver bullion. We are trusted by everyday precious metals buyers as well as institutional investors. Whether you are in search of a single piece or several to add to your portfolio or collection, we have got you covered. Even if you were to shop around, you would find our rates are better if not comparable to the rest. You can save yourself plenty of time by making a bee-line for MyGold. All we ask is that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. We have a diverse array of gold and silver bullion to suit your unique budget and tastes. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will find it.

You can do Business with MyGold in Full Confidence

We go to great lengths to please our customers. Our mission is to provide you with the gold or silver you desire at the lowest price while making you feel completely comfortable. You will not feel even the slightest bit of stress while visiting us in-person or speaking with us on the phone. Take your time, think over the transaction and make a decision when you feel comfortable.

Take a look at our online reviews and you will find our customers rave about our team and prices. This is the direct result of our willingness to go the extra mile to please customers. We are New Zealand’s most credible, reliable and trustworthy precious metals merchant. Our customers tend to come back as they feel at ease in the presence of our team members. You will not feel any sort of pressure to sell when visiting with our team. In fact, you can think our offer over as long as you like and make your decision when you are fully ready.

A Perth Mint Distributor

The Perth Mint does not select any old precious metals merchant to sell its pieces. Rather, the Perth Mint vets candidates in-depth prior to selecting them as distributors. Ask anyone familiar with precious metals in New Zealand about the credibility of Perth Mint distributors and you will find the designation really does mean something significant. Those who work in the precious metals industry or buy/sell such items hold Perth Mint distributors in the highest regard. All you have to do is search the web for reviews of our precious metals business and you will find all sorts of helpful information from our current and previous clients, many of whom are thrilled to have done business with an official Perth Mint distributor. Whether you look on Google, Facebook, Finda or another online directory for write-ups of our business, it is nearly guaranteed you will find predominantly positive reviews.

Why buy at MyGold?

Aside from the reasons outlined above, precious metals buyers throughout New Zealand are also interested in our gold as we provide a certification and metal purity guarantee. You can rest easy buying from MyGold knowing everything you purchase is completely legitimate. Our prices are comparably low as we reinvest in inventory rather than paying exorbitant amounts of money for store overhead.

MyGold is also favoured for its comparative flexibility. Customers are invited to contact us over the phone or online with their questions, concerns and other matters. Customers can pick up items on-site or have them delivered. To say it is a challenge to find the same level of flexibility from other precious metals merchants would be an understatement. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that our precious metals experts are cordial, patient and professional at all times. You will feel completely comfortable from the moment you first interact with our team until the moment you leave with our precious metals. We invite you to take a look at our gold and silver offerings from international and local sources. We are confident you will find what you are looking for. If you have any questions, our team is more than willing to address them and set you up with the best price.

“Alisson was very helpful and patient in answering all my questions as I was a first time buyer. Will definitely buy again from MyGold.”