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The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is Canada’s official gold bullion coin. It has a gold content of .9999 (24 carats) and its purity is guaranteed by the Canadian Government.

The coin features the iconic Canadian maple leaf and an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The maple leaf symbolises the abundance of maple trees as well as the nation’s values of freedom, peace and tolerance.

First released in 1979 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the coins contain no base metals and were made with gold from the mines of Canada. As one of the purest gold coins regularly issued in the world, it has legal tender status and a face value of 50 Canadian Dollars.

The purity and government backing of the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin makes it recognised worldwide as a highly liquid, trustworthy and ideal investment.

Weight: 1 Troy Ounce | 31.10g
Purity: 99.99% Fine Gold (.9999)
Dimensions: 2.8mm x 30mm
Face Value: $50 Canadian Dollars
Finish: Bullion Grade
Made in: Canada
Date Manufactured: Various
Certified: Royal Canadian Mint

For volume investors, MyGold® offers discounted price break points at the following quantities:

5-9 x 1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
10-19 x 1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
20+ x 1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

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