Silver Bars – How to Invest in Silver

If you are like most people, you are at least somewhat interested in investing in precious metals. The economy appears to be on the decline, the stock market is highly volatile and you need a place to park your hard-earned money. Though gold certainly gets plenty of...

1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin

The 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin is the latest Perth Mint creation to hit the precious metals scene. This lovely coin is the 12th annual issue. Coin collectors, investors and those who have an appreciation for aesthetic beauty will appreciate this new coin....

Australian Silver Coins

Australian silver coins are available in myriad varieties, weights and designs. Whether you are looking for a silver kangaroo, a silver koala, a Lunar piece or another silver coin, MyGold has your needs covered. Here’s a quick look at some of the top Australian...
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