Celente – It’s absolutely TERRIFYING where society is headed

KWN is giving readers and listeners globally an exclusive sneak peak into Gerald Celente’s Spring Trends Journal. Gerald Celente is founder of Trends Research, and the man many consider to be the top trends forecaster in the world. Celente also discussed some extraordinary firsthand accounts from the Nazi era during World War II. Here is what Celente had to say: “In this Trends Journal we outline, step by step, how our Constitutional rights are being abrogated. (George) Orwell would have loved this one.  What has happened is the Attorney General has just instituted new guidelines.

Gerald Celente continues:

They are now allowed to be listening to what we are saying right now, listen on your cell phone, watch every stroke of the keyboard that you make. Everything that you say and do, they are now watching you, and have the right to do so under these new guidelines for five years, even if you are no threat at all.

What they have done is they’ve put in these algorithms to determine whether or not you are a current or a future potential threat to the United States of America. If you had Big Brother under Orwell, you have Big Brother now and they are watching you.

A woman who is our (Trends Journal) operations director told me, “When I was in my late teens I became very rebellious, and I got in an argument with my grandmother. I asked her, ‘How could she have stood by? How could the German people have stood by and watched the Nazis take the Jewish people away?’ She said, ‘You don’t understand. We didn’t lose our rights in one day.

“We didn’t lose them in a week or a year. It was slowly taken away from us, until you had no rights at all. Then, if you spoke out they would take you away and no one would ever hear from you again. You couldn’t even talk to your neighbors.’

She was in a bowling league. She (her grandmother) said, ‘You couldn’t talk to the people there. You were always afraid of who you were talking to because they were going to turn you in.”

Here is another story. I used to date a wonderful woman, for a number of years, Marie Pierre. She was from Paris and her mother was a professor at a university. Her aunt was 14 when the Nazis marched into Paris.

Her family was very well to do and I asked her aunt, ‘How could your family have stayed behind and not left before the Nazis came in?’ She said, ‘I’ll never forget that night, Gerald. We were listening to the radio and they said that the French troops had repelled the German troops over the Belgian border.

The next morning, we woke up and the Nazis had occupied Paris.’ I said, ‘You must have known this was going to happen.’ She said, ‘Gerald, the people that stayed behind thought they had too much to leave behind.’

That’s what is going on now. This is coming down right in front of our eyes. Our rights are gone. The people are going to wake up one day. It’s happening (again).”

Original Source: King World News

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