Chris Howard

We are delighted to have Chris Howard join the MyGold team as Non-Executive Director, strengthening our position as the leading Precious Metals business in New Zealand.

Chris is a veteran of the Precious Metals industry, having been Managing Director of the Precious Metals Investment division at the UK Royal Mint up until late 2019. Whilst there, Chris transformed the business, building a global wholesale offer, an e-commerce web shop, and introducing various financial products such as digital gold and The Royal Mint Gold ‘Exchange Traded Commodity’ (ETC) that tracks the spot price of physical gold custodied at the Mint.

“It’s great to be playing an active part in the future growth of MyGold. The industry is going through massive change right now, with many new customers, who previously wouldn’t have been interested in Precious Metals, now investing in both Gold and Silver. Many are new to the world of precious metal investment and it’s our job to democratise, educate and excite investors large and small.”

“As a business, we plan a number of initiatives over the coming months; from a podcast series to live events and articles on the industry. We look forward to inviting you to be a part of this.”

Happy to help.

If you would like to have a chat with Chris or book an order, please contact him directly.

Chris Howard