Who is MyGold®?

MyGold® is a proudly New Zealand based team of bullion specialists. Our family-owned business was established to help investors protect and grow their wealth through gold and silver ownership.

The dedicated team behind MyGold® is made up of active investors who have been involved in gold and silver for over ten years. Our mission is to provide customers the highest quality and exceptional value in precious metals products.

Why Gold and Silver?

By far, the most popular precious metals that people commonly turn to for investment are gold and silver. People traditionally buy gold as a “safe haven” against trying economic times – it is relatively invulnerable to things like economic and even currency-based crises. Whenever the market declines, the national debt increases, inflation occurs or a particular currency happens to fail, gold still offers an excellent level of protection and remains one of the most consistent stores of value available. This is especially true when the “go to” monetary solution of the day is simply to “print more.” When these activities occur, investors turn to the safety of gold and other commodities to protect their wealth.

How does gold and silver bullion preserve wealth?
  • Gold and Silver is an excellent store of value with intrinsic utility
  • Gold is a highly effective method of portfolio diversification that can protect wealth, as a hedge against inflation and the long-term trend of declining fiat currencies
  • The growing instability of the global economy and risk of future world tensions
  • Gold and Silver are finite resources (supply and demand)
  • Gold and Silver is something real that you can hold in your hand (if you can’t touch it you don’t own it)
Why is MyGold® a Better Choice?
  • Certification & Metal Purity Guarantee on all MyGold® products
  • Our gold & silver bullion is locally and internationally manufactured to the highest standards
  • MyGold® are official distributors for Perth Mint, Australia
  • We are experienced gold merchants, offering a wide range of top quality gold & silver products
  • Friendly, professional experts so you can feel safe doing business with us
  • Competitive pricing helps you stay within your budget
  • Same-Day Service – collect your gold the day you buy (subject to product availability)
  • 100% confidential and discreet, your personal information is private
  • Central Auckland location is convenient for order fulfilment with several delivery options available
  • Excellent communication to keep you informed throughout the process
  • Qualified investors can meet with us for personal consultations
  • The MyGold® exclusive gold and silver deals available only to our email subscribers
How does it work?

MyGold® offers a simple 4 step process for investing in gold and silver bullion.

Are the Gold/Silver prices going up?

Past performance can be a good indication of future performance. Gold and silver prices have averaged very good returns for the last 10 years. No one knows the future for gold prices or exchange rates, yet historically gold & silver bullion offers investors an excellent way to diversify and secure their wealth.

What are the current gold and silver spot prices?

You can access current live gold and silver prices on our charts and prices page.

Why is the gold price different from your website?

The gold and silver prices listed on our website are ‘spot prices’ (quoted in USD and NZD). Spot prices are used in relation to pricing of futures contracts of securities, typically commodities. In pricing commodity futures, the futures price is determined using the commodity’s spot price, the risk free rate and time to maturity of the contract (along with any costs associated with storage or convenience). As with all futures, you pay above the spot price for the physical product (mining, manufacturing, storage, insurance, etc). We don’t sell options, futures, contracts, shares, ETF’s, or certificates – only physical gold and silver bullion that you are responsible for storing.

How do you calculate your prices?

Gold and silver bullion trade above international spot prices because of the following costs: refining, bar manufacturer, delivery of the bullion and dealer overheads. Some bullion products trade with an additional premium due to being internationally recognised, scarce or simply desirable. MyGold® prices are not set at a specific percentage above spot for these reasons. Occasionally MyGold® offers special deals on gold and silver bullion so we recommend signing up to the MyGold® Newsletter to be notified immediately of special offers.

How much should I invest?

Customers are responsible for assessing and evaluating any transaction in light of their current financial situation, investment goals, and particular needs. The traditional advice from various experts has been to allocate 10% of your net worth to precious metals. However, gold and silver “bulls” are taking positions of 50% or greater. It helps to have a budget in mind because this allows us to present products that fit within your resources. Some clients choose to allocate holdings into precious metals as a kind of savings plan. No order is too small or too large.

Are there any risks buying physical gold or silver?

As with all investments, buying gold and silver coins or bullion carries risk. As in other markets, the price of precious metals can be volatile, rising and falling in response to market conditions. Therefore, before buying physical gold or silver, we encourage investors to do due diligence into market trends. How long will I need to hold my gold and silver before gaining a profit? Since most of us, including the experts, cannot perfectly time the markets, investing in gold and silver bullion should be considered a long term investment. Other risks can include ‘Company Risk’ (how stable and reliable is the company you are buying from), ‘Product Risk’ (how can you guarantee the products you are buying are genuine), and ‘Order Risk’ (how long will it take for you to receive your order).

Do I pay GST on Gold and Silver Bullion?

Believe it or not, it is possible to buy tax free gold and silver. In New Zealand, there is no GST on the sale of pure gold bars/ingots, pure gold coins, pure silver bars/ingots, and pure silver coins. Bullion products that are not pure gold (99.9%/.999) do incur GST because they are not fine gold. This includes American Eagles (22ct/91.6%), South African Krugerrands (22ct), and British Gold Sovereigns (22ct). Taxes ultimately depend on your country of residence. We recommend you consult a financial advisor for tax related enquiries.

Where can I store my Gold and Silver Bullion?

MyGold® can suggest a range of options for secure storage of precious metals. Storage is not provided with your investment.

I have other questions, how do I get in touch?

Simply click the Live Chat button above to chat with us now, send us a message using the online form, or call 0800-GOLD-NZ (0800-465-369).

I want to buy Gold or Silver Bullion Now! Tell me How?

Great! You’ve come to the right place. Simply call or email MyGold® now to discuss your options – one of our friendly experts will talk you through your bullion options. 0800-GOLD-NZ (0800-465-369)

What payment methods are accepted?

We require cleared funds transferred online the same day (this is usually completed by online bank transfer). Other payment methods we accept is Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card, PayPal and Bitcoin. You can also pay us in NZD, USD and AUD. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Can I pay in different currencies?

Yes, payment is accepted in a range of currencies including US dollars, British pounds, and Australian dollars. Please enquire for more information.

What are your delivery methods?

MyGold® offers different options for delivery depending on your requirements. We deliver precious metals across New Zealand; you may pick up directly at our office in Auckland; or choose overnight shipping. We keep you informed throughout the process.

Can I collect my purchase in person?

Yes, once full payment has cleared, collection is arranged with our team. We do not store gold or silver on site for security reasons. You will be required to present photo ID and sign for your items at the time of delivery. Same-Day Delivery is available for products in-stock and confirmed in advance.

How long until I can collect my order?

Depending on the type of product and quantity ordered, there may be a small wait to fulfill your order — generally, no more than a couple of weeks. We endeavour to process orders quickly and keep you informed throughout.

How do I know your Gold and Silver is genuine?

MyGold® mints and supplies only the highest quality gold and silver bullion available. Rigorous quality standards, expert metal refining, and legislative requirements ensure that all products meet or exceed fine gold and silver purity levels. Investment grade gold and silver is considered anything greater than 99.90% pure. You can rest assured that MyGold® products are genuine gold and silver of the highest standard:


  • Fine-silver to a standard of 99.99% purity (99.9% for kilo bars)
  • Gold with 99.99% purity International products are backed by the respective Mints and all products sold by MyGold® come stamped with metal type, weight, and purity
  • 1oz Silver Stag & Silver Guardian Bullion Coins are guaranteed to 99.9% fine silver



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