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MyGold Gold Mint

New Zealanders who are in the market for gold have plenty of options. New Zealand certainly has its fair share of gold coins, gold bullion, gold cast bars and other stunning gold pieces. The gold buying process is much easier than most anticipate. MyGold is here to simplify your gold purchase so you don’t have to stress out or invest an abundance of time or effort. We strive to facilitate gold buying so you can obtain your desired pieces as quickly and easily as possible.

The MyGold Gold Buying Process

Our gold buying process is as simple as it gets. Here is how it works. All you have to do is let us know the types of gold you are interested in acquiring. One of our friendly customer service representatives will e-mail you a purchase order as quickly as possible. Payment is subsequently processed. At this point you collect your gold, silver or other precious metal from our Auckland business. We can also ship your gold to you. Rest assured your gold purchase will be fully insured. However, it is important to note that gold buyers who would like to buy at today’s price must submit payment today. Those who are new to gold buying will find it interesting to know that the price of gold is quite dynamic. It changes on a daily basis. This is why MyGold will honor the day’s gold price only if payment is provided that same day.

Gold Products Worth Considering

If you are interested in gold, there are plenty of attractive pieces to choose from that will hold their value or grow in value as time progresses. From gold bullion to gold coins, gold bars and beyond, there is no shortage of gold available for purchase. MyGold has gold cast bullion bars, Perth Mint Gold Cast Bars, Canadian Mint Gold Maple Coins, Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo Coins and so much more. When in doubt, reach out to our precious metals experts for guidance. We have the gold experts you are looking for. Our team will answer all of your precious metals-related questions. We will also address any concerns you have. Simply tell us what you are looking for in a gold piece and we will provide a number of suitable suggestions.

MyGold is Worth Your Trust

Trust is earned rather than given to anyone and everyone. MyGold looks forward to earning your trust. We encourage prospective customers to peruse the web for reviews of our business. Do not hesitate to reach out to those who have bought gold from us in the past. You will find positive reviews that heap on the praise for our precious metals business. We have helped countless Kiwis invest in gold. Our mission is to help you build and preserve your wealth with the strategic acquisition of precious metals. Buying gold is the perfect way to diversify a portfolio that is overloaded with stocks, stock options, mutual funds, bonds, cash and other investments. If you are looking for more information about the benefits of investing in gold, do not hesitate to pick the minds of our precious metals experts. We genuinely look forward to discussing gold with prospective customers as well as those who currently do business with MyGold.

The Many Reasons to Choose MyGold

MyGold is the New Zealand precious metals merchant you have dreamed of. Whether you are looking for a means of investing your wealth, adding a beautiful gold piece to your collection or obtaining gold for any other reason, your first course of action should be a visit to our website and/or facility. We know the ins and outs of gold better than any other New Zealand gold merchant. Furthermore, our inventory of gold is unrivaled. Tell us what you are looking for and there is a good chance we will have it on-hand. If we do not have it in stock, we will likely be able to order it in a timely manner. Every piece of gold sold by MyGold is locally manufactured in New Zealand. We provide a certification and metal purity guarantee for all sales. Our competitive pricing won’t bust your budget.

We value your business so we will never share your information with any other parties. Each transaction you conduct at MyGold is completely confidential today and for eternity. We even provide several convenient delivery options from our central Auckland location. Each delivery is fully insured and tracked until it arrives at your door. This means you will receive your gold in tip-top shape without delay. Or, you can collect your orders in-person from our office. We keep our overhead costs to a minimum so we can pass the savings on to you – the customer.

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