How to Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Buy Gold with Bitcoin in New Zealand

It is now possible to buy gold and silver with bitcoin. There is no need to use fiat currency when you buy your gold or silver from MyGold. Simply pay with your bitcoin and you will be on your way with your gold or silver. It really is that easy. There is no need to carry any cards or currency. You simply use bitcoin from your smartphone to pay for your gold or silver from MyGold and the transaction is complete. This is the dependable, safe and fast means of purchasing precious metals you have long hoped for. You pay directly through your bitcoin wallet so your order is completed in mere seconds. It does not get any easier than that.

Bitcoin Background

Bitcoin is convenient as it serves as a digital currency you can store in a digital e-wallet directly on your phone or other web-connected device. This form of cryptocurrency can now be used to purchase gold and silver through MyGold. Bitcoin functions on a public ledger referred to as a blockchain. The blockchain stores a decentralized record of transactions that are updated by network users. New bitcoins are made through digital mining. It is extremely easy to buy bitcoins online. A limited number of bitcoins can be made to ensure there is an inherent value. Each bitcoin is tracked on a digital log that records all transactions. This is the secure and flexible alternative form of payment and investment you have been looking for. Use bitcoin to buy gold and silver and you will maximize its utility while simultaneously diversifying your holdings.

Bitcoin or Precious Metals? The Choice is Yours

Bitcoin is a digital currency while precious metals like gold and silver are tangible. Physical precious metals are reliable, valuable and a solid means of wealth preservation. Bitcoin represents the cutting edge of technology yet it is universally agreed upon that gold will always be valuable. Most economists agree gold and silver will gradually appreciate in value while there is a good chance alternative forms of investments and currencies will decrease in value. Alternatively, vendors will not accept gold yet more and more cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are gaining favour amongst owners and managers of businesses of all types.

Sending and Receiving Bitcoin is Easy and Fast

If you are hesitant to use bitcoin to purchase gold, silver and other items or simply invest in bitcoin, you should know there is nothing to worry about. E-wallets make the storage and transmission of bitcoin quick and easy. There is a wide array of e-wallets ranging from BitPay to Airbitz, Bitcoin Core and Copay. Sign up for your online wallet and you will be able to buy, sell, safely store and use bitcoin for transactions on the web and in person at stores.

Buy Gold with Bitcoin Today

MyGold is here for all of your gold, silver and bitcoin needs. Give us a call at 0800 465 369 to learn more about how you can buy precious metals with bitcoin. You can reach us by email at Our website also features a helpful Live Chat feature.

“My purchase from MyGold was seamless and easy. They answered my mails promptly and the bullion arrived very quickly and exactly as specified. I plan to use them for my future bullion purchases.”