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MyGold® is proud to provide a Bitcoin exchange service for our New Zealand based clients. Our reputation for providing exceptional deals on our bullion products extends to providing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We make the buying and selling process simple.
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We provide major currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Ripple. Simply call or email us on the day your wish to purchase and the team will quote you a live price.

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Your Bitcoin and other currencies are delivered straight to your designated wallet and confirmed.

If you haven’t yet heard of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or only know a little about them, you aren’t alone. Few people know what these new currencies are all about and the massive change they have created. The main benefit of cryptocurrencies is that they allow for the transmission of money at any point in time to individuals across the globe in real-time, without restrictions. The main benefit of cryptocurrencies is that they do not involve banks, fees, delays or legal hurdles. There is no need to go through a “middle man” of any sort. Cryptocurrencies are as private as it gets as the transfer is simply made through one’s smartphone or PC.

Cryptocurrency prices are quite dynamic. Their prices rise and fall just like other currencies, stocks and commodities. View Coin Gecko to get the latest information on bitcoin prices, market cap, trading volume and additional information. Updated Ethereum prices can be found here.

The price and graphic trends of the cryptocurrency known as “Dash” can be found online here. Dash is one of Bitcoin’s top competitors. Many claim it is easier to use than alternative cryptocurrencies. Dash allows for transactions to be completed in a near-instantaneous manner. Prospective buyers can also stay up to date on cryptocurrency information feeds at sites like Crypto Compare.

You might be wondering where the best place to buy Bitcoin in NZ is. If you are interested in buying Bitcoin and Ethereum, look no further than MyGold®. Our innovative team can help you navigate cryptocurrencies by facilitating Bitcoin transactions and understanding Bitcoin exchange and price. Navigating these currencies may seem a bit confusing at first yet they are here to stay and they just might make you a bundle of money.

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It is advisable to move your cryptocurrency to a “wallet” to keep it as secure as possible. These wallets have robust security that allows for safe and easy storage, transmission and receiving of cryptocurrencies. Popular exchanges for cryptocurrencies are not as secure as wallets as such exchanges are convenient targets for hackers. Make use of numerous wallets to store your cryptocurrencies to diversify risk. There are plenty of wallets available. Examples for Bitcoin include the uber-safe Trezor and GreenAddress. Those who use Dash tend to favour wallets like Exodus. Of course, our advisors in NZ are here to help answer any questions you might have about wallets and their associated risks about Bitcoin exchange and securing it safely.

The word “blockchain” is often associated with Bitcoins. It sounds complicated however the concept is surprisingly quite simple. First of all, think of the blockchain as a database that logs transaction processions. Blockchain is fully automated and operates independent of a central authority meaning it can’t be destroyed or altered by anyone as secure encryption prevents any interference. The benefit of the blockchain is that it permits transactions to be conducted without interference from intermediaries like banks, allowing for deals to be processed without fees or delays.

Buying Gold with Bitcoin

MyGold® is proud to enable the buying and selling of gold and silver with Bitcoin. Our responsive team is here to help you every step of the way. Our experts will assist you in understanding how to buy Bitcoins and how you can use them with gold transactions. When deciding to purchase Bitcoins, there are many payment options. You can pay for Bitcoins with anything from cash to eftpos, online banking and even with other cryptocurrencies.

Reach out to MyGold® today to learn more about using Bitcoin to buy and sell gold in New Zealand.

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Fast, Secure and Easy

MyGold® is a local cryptocurrency service provider as opposed to an exchange. This means we do not hold your funds or coins and will deliver directly and securely to you. With the right information, you can be ready to trade the same day.

New Zealand based
Deal with a fully compliant, local supplier who you can call to assist you to fulfil your bitcoin requirements.

We make it simple
As part of our efficient process, we simply source your chosen crypto and deliver to a wallet that you provide.

Highest rated reviews
MyGold® has the most 5-star reviews of any gold dealer in New Zealand.

About MyGold

MyGold® is a premier precious metals trader and digital assets service provider located in Auckland. We are wholly NZ owned and operated, have an exemplary reputation and are trusted by a diverse range of investors. MyGold® has proudly served thousands of customers throughout New Zealand with their investment requirements.

We are a registered financial services provider.

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