Buy Silver Silver Collectables 2021 10oz Allegories .9999 Fine Silver Round – Germania Mint

2021 10oz Allegories .9999 Fine Silver Round – Germania Mint

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From the Germania Mint comes another gorgeous and unique edition. This is the Germania Mint’s 2021 Allegories 10 oz Silver Round. Germania and Austria feature together on the obverse of 2021 10 oz Germania The Allegories Austria and Germania Rounds. The design shows Germania seated on the right side of the design field with an oak wreath crown and the German imperial sword in her left hand. Austria is seated on the left side of the design field with a spear in her right hand and a laurel wreath crown on her head.

The coin itself is stunning indeed- while a standard 10 ounce design would have the same ratio as a one ounce, this one instead chooses to display a face the size of a one ounce and instead add depth- there’s nothing quite like it.

Though not a legal-tender coin, this medal was struck in 10 full ounces of highly pure 99.99% fine silver. It does bear a ceremonial 50-Mark denomination as an aesthetic design element. Altogether, it’s a truly beautiful representation of the two nation’s long history of cooperation. Just 250 of these 2021 Ten-Ounce Silver Allegories — Germania & Austria have been struck for worldwide release and each one available here comes beautifully displayed in a themed blister pack with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This gorgeous silver medal is an absolute must-have for any fan of Germania, Austria, or beautiful numismatic medals in general. Call us today before they vanish into the hands of other eager collectors!

  • Weight: 10 Troy oz
  • Alloy: Fine Silver
  • Diameter: 38.61mm
  • Year: 2021
  • Country: Poland
  • Denomination: 50 Mark
  • Mint: Germania Mint
  • Mintage: 250
  • Series: Allegories

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