Buy Silver 14 x 2oz Canadian Mint Silver Werewolf Coin (2021)

14 x 2oz Canadian Mint Silver Werewolf Coin (2021)

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Long have there been tales of creatures lurking in the northern hemisphere, instilling terror in the hearts of many. The Werewolf is one such Creature of the North – beware the full moon! Tales of strange creatures in the night have always haunted our imaginations, and in the province of Quebec, the loup-garou werewolf is one of the most famous legends of all. This shape-shifting creature is stunningly displayed on a special 2oz pure 999.9 silver Canadian legal tender coin.

  • 2nd coin in the series following the popular Kraken!
  • Rare 2oz bullion legal tender coin! Security feature privy mark
    Includes two cutting edge security features: precise radial lines and a micro engraved lasered maple leaf with the numeral “21”(visible under magnification) to denote the coin’s year of issue.
  • Masterfully crafted by Royal Canadian Mint engravers using a variety of engraving techniques and finishes, which bring depth and texture to this striking image of the legendary creature.
  • An attractive acquisition for both first-time precious metal buyers and long-term investors.

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  • Weight: 2oz (2 Troy oz) | 62.29g
  • Purity: 99.99% Fine Silver (.9999)
  • Dimensions: 38mm
  • Finish: Bullion Grade
  • Made in: Canada
  • Date Manufactured: 2021
  • Certified: The Royal Canadian Mint
  • Monetary Denomination: 10 (CAD)

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