Gold Safes for Storing Precious Metals

As a gold investor it's important to consider the quality, grade and suitability of a safe to store your valuable precious metals. The team at MyGold® will recommend, deliver, install and insure a commercial-grade gold safe to your specific requirements.

Why use a safe?

MyGold® recommends that in order to have full control and ownership of your precious metals, you need to be able to exclusively access your gold & silver bullion as you require.

Customers are advised that safety deposit boxes whilst good, do not give you the control, discretion and security you may like to keep your gold and silver safe.

Modern safes offer excellent burglary protection, made with newer and lighter materials (making transport and installation easier), excellent storage capacity, advanced security technology (three-way boltwork, active relocker with anti-drilling plate, etc.), easy to use electronic locks, and ergonomic soft-touch handles.

Commercial-grade safes

The team at MyGold® are experienced with what’s required to safely store gold & silver bullion. Most safes have very poor levels of security and can be easily compromised.

Depending on the value and type of metal, MyGold® will be able to recommend the best grade of safe for your specific requirements – safe grades typically range from Grade II to Grade VII.

These safes meet the European standards as certified by the European Certification Body (ECB-S).

Considerations include size (internal volume required), weight, location, installation, maintenance and insurance cover available.

Insurance cover for bullion

The grade of safe is directly related to the level of insurance we will be able to provide. The team at MyGold® have the experience to know what grade of safe will be required by the underwriter to provide the level of cover and peace of mind.

Most insurance companies will shy away from providing cover for larger amounts of precious metals due to the specific knowledge and experience required.

MyGold® has partnered with several leading insurance brokers and underwriters to develop policies specifically tailored to gold and silver investors.

Chubbsafes - only the best.

MyGold® is proud to be official distributors for the world-leading Chubbsafes range of safes to New Zealand investors.

Chubbsafes is the oldest safes brand in the world and a leading international security supplier. Their solutions include safes, vaults and vault doors and safe deposit boxes used all over the world, particularly in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Chubbsafes is licensed to the Gunnebo security group that has an annual turn over of  €610 million, employing 5,700 people.

Helping you grow and protect
your wealth through investment
in precious metals

MyGold® are proud to be selected as authorised distributors for the prestigious Chubbsafes brand.

The Gunnebo security group only selects the best partners to be distributors of their products and safes. Chubbsafes represent the highest level of security and options available to customers. MyGold® is proud to be associated with this exceptional company and to be able to offer their gold safes to New Zealand investors.

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