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If you are like most people, you are at least somewhat interested in investing in precious metals. The economy appears to be on the decline, the stock market is highly volatile and you need a place to park your hard-earned money. Though gold certainly gets plenty of attention, silver is also worth investing in. Like gold, silver is used in numerous products. Furthermore, it is a valuable precious metal that will likely be in demand for the rest of time. Let’s take a look at how to invest in silver.

Investing in Silver is Easier Than Most Assume
If you are thinking about investing in silver, the first step is to consider which type of silver you would like to invest in. Silver is not limited to bullion. You can invest in silver coins, paper silver certificates, silver mining shares and even exchange traded funds (ETFs). It is important to note silver in bar or coin form is the sole type of silver that does not have counter-party risk. This means tangible silver bullion is an asset based on liability to someone else. You and you alone will own the silver bullion and/or coins. There is no need to interact with bankers or any other financial professionals when you invest in tangible silver. Furthermore, it makes sense to invest in silver bullion and coins as the price of silver will never hit zero. The same cannot be said of fiat currencies and numerous other types of investments. Those interested in investing in precious metals will also be happy to learn silver is worth the same amount of money regardless of physical location. Investing in tangible silver really does provide the financial insurance every investor needs for peace of mind.

How Much Silver Should You Buy?
In general, those familiar with investing, finance and precious metals recommend investing between 5 and 10 percent of your money in silver. The exact percentage of your net worth that should be invested in silver will ultimately hinge on the percentage of your savings in other assets. If you have a particularly high percentage of your net worth tied up in the stock market, you are overexposed to its unpredictable whims. Investing upwards of 10 percent of savings in silver is sensible for investors who have put the majority of their money in other asset classes. In fact, some financial analysts recommend investing upwards of 20 percent of personal net worth in silver and other precious metals. If the brunt of your portfolio is comprised of paper assets, investing upwards of 20 percent might prove to be the optimal balance.

Select the Weight 
Silver coins are sold at varying weights. The majority of silver is sold at a weight of a single ounce. There are also silver bars of other sizes available. Take your time when deciding on whether a single ounce of silver is ideal or whether 1 kg silver bars, 5 kg silver bars or even 100 ounce silver bars are better.

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