Silver Bullion

MyGold is proud to carry a wide array of silver products. Whether you are looking for silver bullion, coins or bars, we have it. We only carry the highest quality silver. Our mission is to exceed your expectations so you are inspired to return to MyGold in the future and recommend us to your friends, family, colleagues and others. Here’s why our silver is as good as it gets.

1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coin

1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coins

Take a look at the Silver New Zealand Stag and you will immediately fall in love. This .999 pure silver one ounce piece perfectly encapsulates the New Zealand’s natural environment. The coin’s design stems from the antlered Red Deer stag. This beautiful animal can be found in New Zealand’s bush country between Ureweras and Kainanawas throughout the year. The coin is handcrafted by talented artisans for the ultimate visual appeal. It features a lovely mirror finish and impeccable designs. The front side of the coin displays the stag in an aggressive stance. Yet the design also portrays the animal in its natural beauty. The other side of the Trophy Stag Silver Bullion Coin shows New Zealand along with the Southern Cross’s four stars shining high in the night-time sky. Whether you are looking for a solid addition to your portfolio or an absolutely gorgeous coin, the Trophy Stag will certainly suit your fancy.

NZ Made Silver Bullion Cast Bars

Our silver bullion cast bars are the best around. Take a look at these beauties and you will immediately recognize their superior craftsmanship. We are especially proud of the fact that these gorgeous silver bullion cast bars are made right here in Auckland, New Zealand. These bars are 99.9 percent fine silver. You can select from varying sizes, ranging from 3 oz to 5 oz, 10 oz and 20 oz. Each features a finish with an idiosyncratic character generated during the molten metal casting process.

1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

Our Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a top seller for good reason. This piece is incredibly popular amongst coin collectors as well as investors. The coin displays Canada’s national symbol along with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The .9999 Silver Maple is minted and certified by the Royal Canadian Mint. This establishment is revered as one of the world’s best precious metals manufacturers. You will be hard-pressed to find a silver coin that matches the Silver Maple’s purity. This purity combined with the coin’s visual appeal makes it the flagship silver bullion of the Royal Canadian Mint.

The coin has the highest face value of all silver bullion coins on the international scene. Few silver coins are more desired than this beauty. The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is available in minimum quantities. It is also possible to purchase Monster Box (500 oz) packages. Each Silver Maple weights a troy ounce. The coin measures 38mm by 3.29mm.

1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo

Australia’s Perth Mint has produced elite gold and silver products for nearly 120 years. One of the Mint’s signature pieces is the lovely 2017 Australian Kangaroo 1oz Silver Bullion Coin. Made with 99.99 percent pure silver, this one ounce piece is perfect for coin lovers and investors who are looking to add pure silver to their collection. The coin has the full backing of the Western Australian Government. This coin is the perfect low-cost way to add silver to your portfolio. These coins are sold in groups of 25. They are packaged into rigid acrylic tubes to prevent damage. Each Monster Box contains 10 security sealed tubes. Security is further enhanced with the addition of The Perth Mint’s tamper evident seal.

Perth Mint Silver Cast Bars

The Perth Mint’s Silver Cast Bars are sold in three sizes to maximize versatility: 1kg, 10 ounces and 100 ounces. These stunning bars are made with 99.9 percent pure silver. Each bar is stamped with a guaranteed purity, weight and the London Bullion Market Association Perth Mint logo. Bullion is the ideal form for precious metals. They won’t bust your budget and they can be secured and stored with ease.

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