Trade Gold & Silver

If you are wondering whether it is prudent to buy physical gold and silver or trade these precious metals with Forex trading, you are not alone. Though Forex trading has the potential to yield gains, it is incredibly risky. Think about how long and hard you had to work for your money. Why expose it to a high level of risk when you can build wealth by purchasing physical gold and silver? This is precisely why most people opt to invest heavily in tangible precious metals and risk a small portion of their savings on gold and silver futures at some point in the future. Others refuse to accept the egregious level of risk posed by Forex trading, purchase tangible precious metals and live with an invaluable peace of mind.

Trade Gold & Silver

The Rise and Risk of Forex Trading

Tech advances and the addition of new trading options across the past decade have made it possible to trade gold and silvers futures. Plenty of Forex brokers offer trading in these precious metals along with palladium and platinum. One of the troubling aspects of trading gold and silver through Forex brokers is the fact that it is an “over the counter” product in which the buyer does not actually receive the metal. Gold and silver are traded on this platform in a manner similar to currencies.

Plenty of Forex brokers will provide margin and leverage on precious metals contracts. It is clear that Forex brokers are looking for investors who are willing to put up a mere fraction of the money necessary to purchase gold and silver in order to maintain a steady flow of business. Buying on margin protects the broker and serves to cover a loss stemming from a major move in price. In fact, many Forex brokers require that the client buy on margin. Aside from the inherent risks in such trades, the buyer must also pay brokerage costs to boot.

Are you really willing to jeopardize your savings for the chance to make money on the swings of the market? Rolling the dice on gold or silver in Forex trading is a highly irrational decision that could ultimately end up backfiring in a big way.

Why You Should Invest in Physical Gold and Silver

It is much less risky to invest in actual gold and silver. Tangible precious metals are hard assets. Wouldn’t it be nice to hold your investment in your hands? This is impossible with stocks, mutual funds, bonds, Forex trades etc. Yet those who invest in physical gold and silver can put their fingers on their investment whenever desired. It is quite the reassuring experience compared to sending your money off to digital land where its value rises and falls amidst the undulations of trades.

It is important to note the fact that gold and silver are respected around the world. If you are even in a bind, you can take your precious metals to a dealer and sell them for cash or barter for other items. It is also quite comforting to know that another party is not necessary to make good on the investment. You do not have to deal with a broker or digital trading marketplace in order to have your money returned. You can take gold or silver to just about any city in the world and turn it into cash without delay.

Take the Safe Route by Buying Gold and Silver from MyGold®

Physical gold and silver are as solid and reliable as it gets. There is no risk of default. The same cannot be said for the vast majority of other investments. So, go ahead and scoop up gold and silver bullion, bars, coins and so on. You will sleep much easier at night knowing your money is invested in physical precious metals that will appreciate across posterity rather than volatile Forex trades that move up and down with the market’s unpredictable whims. Think about how nice it will be to take a look at your physical collection of gold and silver each time you open your safe, vault or other storage space. This is the peace of mind every investor deserves. Contact MyGold today to learn more about why our gold and silver pieces are the perfect addition to your portfolio.


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