1kg Silver ‘Stag’ Bar

MyGold® is extremely proud to offer the exclusive “1kg Silver Stag Bullion Bar” – celebrating the New Zealand Red Stag’s intelligence, majestic presence and magnificence. With each bar carrying a unique serial number, this bullion masterpiece is beautiful, collectible and perfectly priced. Available only from MyGold®.

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Buy Gold Bullion

Produced by the prestigious Perth Mint and backed by the Western Australian Government, these attractive and highly sought after bullion bars are available in eight versatile sizes to suit your investment budget. MyGold® are official distributors for Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion.

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1oz ‘Guardian’ Coin

MyGold® is honoured to announce the stunning new “1oz Silver Guardian” – a coin that celebrates New Zealand’s unique Māori culture and traditions. This highly crafted icon pays homage to the Earth and acknowledges our collective role in her guardianship. Available only from MyGold®.

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1oz Gold Kangaroo

The iconic and popular Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin is a flagship product of the world-famous Perth Mint. Beautifully crafted in 99.99% pure gold, the 2018 Gold Kangaroo makes an attractive addition to any bullion portfolio. MyGold® are primary distributors for Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion.

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#1 Best Prices & Range

MyGold® – The Most Trusted Gold Dealers in New Zealand. Fast Shipping & Fully Insured Gold.
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Perth Mint Gold Coins

MyGold® are official distributors for the full range of government guaranteed Perth Mint Gold & Silver Bullion.
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The Gold Standard

The finest standards of craftsmanship and quality are encapsulated in MyGold’s® exclusive range of proudly New Zealand made gold bullion bars.
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Bitcoin & Bullion Exchange


MyGold® makes it fast and easy to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Purchase with confidence with New Zealand’s most trusted gold and bitcoin dealers. Talk with our NZ-based team now to see how rewarding it is to buy and sell bitcoin.

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We Are Auckland and NZ’s Most Trusted Gold Merchant

MyGold® is New Zealand’s trusted merchant of precious metals (including gold and silver bullion), helping Kiwis invest securely and protect their wealth. Physical gold and silver are durable, tangible and have been a safe haven of value throughout history. Precious metals spread portfolio risk and retain their intrinsic value despite changes in economic conditions. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have about investing in physical gold and silver.

Refined and cast in New Zealand to 99.99% pure. 100% certified & guaranteed gold.
“I was SO excited to get my “Stag, silver trophy” coins – (albeit only 3 – my first purchase). I have 2 deerstalkers in my family and I know they will be “over the moon” with their Christmas presents. What a majestic 12 pointer stag on the coin – and...”


Best Prices on Gold Bullion Guaranteed

Silver is the second most useful commodity to oil.