• MyGold® is a family-owned business that was founded to help investors protect and grow their wealth through gold and silver ownership.

    The MyGold® team have many years’ experience in the precious metals industry and are always happy to answer questions from novice investors to more seasoned experts.

    Our mission is to provide customers the highest levels of service, fastest delivery of orders, the most competitive prices, and the best quality products from the world’s finest mints and refineries.

  • Many of our products carry certification and metal purity guarantees.

    Authorised New Zealand distributor for Perth Mint, The Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint and PAMP Suisse.

    Completely and proudly New Zealand-owned for 14 years, supplying thousands of New Zealand investors.

    Our prices are always competitive.

    Orders are available for collection from our central Auckland location.

    We ship to anywhere in NZ, fully insured, at competitive rates.

    A friendly and professional team of experts committed to providing the best possible buying experience.

    We offer a wide range of high-quality products from the world’s leading mints and refineries, in addition to our own STAG brand of bars and coins.

    Confidentiality and discretion is always assured.

    The most 5-star reviews of any New Zealand dealer.

  • Across precious metals, gold and silver are the most popular in terms of investment. Gold is key in times of crisis because it is viewed as the natural 'safe hedge' against financial risk. The metal performs well in times of global geopolitical uncertainty, economic turbulence and major disruptive global events. Recent years have seen a mix of these, from the Global Pandemic, the Ukraine war, Chinese aggression against Taiwan and an unpredictable US presidency. In times like these, both large institutions and private individuals increase their exposure to gold, which is seen as a stable commodity, is a tangible asset and has no counter party risk.

    As a more affordable alternative to gold, silver is also very popular. While silver's nature is more speculative, the metal performs similarly in times of crisis.

  • What Mints & Refineries does MyGold® work with?

    MyGold® work closely with the world’s leading mints and refineries in the precious metals industry. This ensures that every MyGold® investor is assured of the highest levels of quality, in terms of purity of metal, quality of workmanship and choice, across both bullion and collector products.

    All partner mints and refineries are members of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).

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  • - Gold has a proven track record of serving as an inflation hedge.

    - Gold is a highly effective method of portfolio diversification.

    - Gold has a history of holding value over time despite global growth and periods of crisis.

    - During periods of currency fluctuation gold performs well, such as when the US Dollar was weak between 1998 – 2008. This also occurred when money supply increases substantially, such as quantitative easing.

    - Gold and silver are finite resources. This is particularly the case with gold where existing mine feeds are diminishing, whilst new mines are often inaccessible.

    - The rising middle classes in countries like China and Southeast Asia are driving a new demand for gold, which is forcing up prices.

    - Gold and silver are real and tangible.

    - Metals can be passed down from one generation to the next.

  • Customers are responsible for assessing and evaluating any transaction considering their current financial situation, investment goals and unique requirements. The established advice from various experts has been to allocate approximately 10% of your net worth in precious metals. However, gold and silver ‘bulls’ hold positions of 50% or greater. We would advise all customers to have an investment strategy, plus a budget in mind to invest in precious metals, as this enables us to suggest products that fit within your objectives and longer-term needs. No order is too small or too large.

  • The manufacturing techniques, complexity, premiums, manufacturers, and transportation locations of various products vary. For instance, the machinery, expertise, time, and skill required to produce coins is significantly greater than that required to produce cast ingots (which are created by pouring molten gold into moulds, which are then chilled and stamped). Both bullion and proof coins have a higher production cost due to their finishes, which can result in higher premiums than cast or minted bars.

  • Yes – we have a special Bullion insurance policy for precious metals stored at home, underwritten at Lloyds of London. Click here for more information.

  • Secure Storage: Use a high-quality bullion safe for your gold and silver, ensuring it's fireproof, waterproof, and theft-resistant.

    Insurance: Obtain specialist insurance to cover your bullion against loss, theft, or damage (requires the correct grade of safe).

    Discretion: Keep your investment private to reduce theft risk.

    Documentation: Maintain records, including receipts and photos of your bullion, for insurance and verification purposes.

    Regular Checks: Periodically verify the condition and presence of your bullion, especially if using third-party storage.

    Transport Wisdom: If moving bullion, use insured and discreet methods to maintain security.

    Secure your investment with diligence and expert solutions from MyGold®.

    MyGold® can suggest a range of options. Click here for more information.

  • The gold spot price is the current price at a given moment used to determine the rate for a single troy ounce of gold. The spot price is dictated by market factors; speculators, world events, currency values or an array of other variables. The gold spot price serves as the basis for bullion dealers and gold traders to pinpoint the gold buying and selling price for a specific gold bar or coin. Such prices tend to be dynamic, changing every few seconds when the markets are open.

    When the price of gold is quoted as ‘live’ on gold price websites, it is generally quoted per troy ounce in US Dollars. The MyGold® website displays prices in both U.S. and New Zealand dollars.

  • The gold and silver prices listed on our charts are ‘spot prices’ (quoted in US dollars and NZ dollars). Spot prices are used in relation to the pricing of futures contracts of securities, typically commodities and are not the prices applicable to physical gold.

    Both gold and silver have to be mined and then refined, often separating out other metals in order to get 99.9% purity. Once refined, the metals are then made into bars and coins, distributed globally and then sold to individual investors. The prices quoted on the MyGold® website reflect these costs which are over and above the spot rate.

    For more information visit our charts and prices page.

  • Gold and silver bullion are traded above international spot prices. Gold and silver must be mined, refined, made into bars and coins, marketed and sold to individual investors, the costs for which contribute to the premium between ‘spot’ and our selling prices. Some bullion products trade with an additional premium due to being internationally recognised or simply rare or desirable. MyGold® prices are not set at a specific percentage above spot for these reasons.

    Occasionally MyGold® offers special deals on gold and silver bullion, therefore we recommend signing up to the MyGold® Newsletter to be notified immediately of any special offers.

  • You can view live gold and silver ‘spot’ prices on our charts and prices page in NZD / USD.

    Price ranges to buy gold and silver products can be found on each respective page (in NZD). For an overview of all types of coin and bars we offer, please click here for gold bullion products and here for silver bullion products.

  • Due to the live nature of the market, gold and silver spot prices, as well as foreign exchange rates, fluctuate constantly. In order to secure your product and lock in prices, we must immediately establish prices to avoid issuing a new invoice.

  • In New Zealand there is no GST on the sale of pure gold bars/coins, and pure silver bars/coins. Bullion products that are not fine gold (99.9% / .999) incur GST. This includes American Eagles (22ct / 91.6%), South African Krugerrands (22ct) and British gold Sovereigns (22ct). Taxes ultimately depend on your country of residence. We recommend you consult a financial advisor for any tax related enquiries.

  • The value of gold and silver has increased over the past forty years. By example, despite the rises and falls in gold prices the metal rose in price from NZ$689 per ounce in March 2004 to NZ$ 2653 in November 2021. In March 2023 it reached NZ$3150. Past performance can be a good indication of future performance. No one can fully predict the future for gold prices or exchange rates, yet historically gold and silver bullion offers investors an excellent way to diversify and secure their wealth. For more information on how gold and silver prices function visit our charts and prices page.

  • Yes, once your payment has cleared, collection is arranged with our team. We do not store gold or silver on site for security reasons. You will be required to present photo ID and sign for your items at the time of delivery. Same-day or next-day collection is sometimes available for products in stock and confirmed in advance.

  • MyGold® has just established an e-commerce website with a 10-step process.

    Step 1: Log In and Browse - Sign in to view and browse through available products. Check real-time stock levels.

    Step 2: Add to Cart - Choose products and add them to your cart. Observe any volume discounts.

    Step 3: Check Availability - Remember, product availability can vary, especially based on mint operations.

    Step 4: Live Pricing - Prices are updated live, based on market conditions.

    Step 5: Finalizing Your Order - Review your cart, make any necessary changes, and proceed to checkout.

    Step 6: Shipping Details - Enter shipping information. Options include free in-office collection or NZ parcel collection locations. For some products, a secure courier might be the only option.

    Step 7: Payment Methods - Choose from available payment options. Existing customers might have a pay-on-invoice option, while others can use account-to-account transfers.

    Step 8: Order Confirmation - After placing your order, you'll receive an email confirmation. Prices are finalized once the order is confirmed.

    Step 9: Order Management - View and manage your orders through your account, checking past and current orders.

    Step 10: Feedback and Suggestions - Let us know your experience and any suggestions for improvement.

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  • MyGold® has expanded our payment options to enhance your convenience when purchasing your favorite gold and silver bullion. You can now pay using:

    Credit Card Payments: For transactions under $5K
    Cash Payments: Available for transactions under $10K
    Cryptocurrency: Accepted for purchases
    Traditional Methods: Bank transfers and pay-on-invoice remain available

    Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

  • MyGold® offers different options depending on your requirements. We deliver precious metals fully insured across New Zealand (to NZ Post Shops and Depots) or you pick up directly at our office in Auckland. We keep you informed throughout the process. If you are based overseas and wish to enquire about options for shipping overseas,
    please contact us for more information. directly to discuss your requirements.

  • Due to security and insurance concerns, we cannot offer insured delivery to residential addresses.

  • According to research conducted by MyGold®, the majority of purchasers of precious metals prefer having their investment close at hand, preferably at home. We believe that the majority of investors desire anonymity while retaining full control over their precious metals. To tangibly protect your investment, we offer a variety of bullion-grade safes. MyGold® is the New Zealand distributor for the 200-year-old company ChubbSafes, whose name is synonymous with security. MyGold® can advise you on the best options and ensure that your safe is expertly installed after purchase.

  • Depending on the type of product and quantity ordered, there may be a wait to fulfil your order. We will always inform you of lead times at the time of your order; we strive to process orders efficiently and keep you updated throughout.

  • To release the product to you, we required a government-issued photo ID that matches your order information. Other forms of identification may be necessary.

  • We are not obligated to disclose any information with government agencies unless ordered to do so by a court. All transactions are regarded as confidential, as we recognise the value of privacy.

  • At any time in the future, you may decide to sell back your precious metals. At MyGold® we will always buy back your silver and gold – in fact we’ll buy any precious metals, regardless of where they were purchased.

    Here is the process, which we aim to make as simple as possible:

    Simply call or email us with details of what you would like to sell.

    We’ll give you a price indication of what MyGold® can offer, either as a percentage below spot or as a NZD value.

    You may wish to obtain another quote elsewhere – always come back to us before you make your final decision to sell.

    If you decide to go ahead, we’ll need to see the coins or bars. You can either make an appointment to come into the Auckland office personally or we will send a courier bag so you can return the metal, at our cost, fully insured.

    Once we physically check the coins or bars for purity, we will give you a firm price based on the spot price at that moment. This will be the contract price if you agree to sell.

    Payment will be made to your nominated bank account within 2-24 hours.

  • 'Live at the Mint' indicates that the product is not only manufactured but also securely held and ready for dispatch at the supplying mint. This means the item is reserved and awaiting your order, ensuring prompt and secure delivery. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) for each product is clearly noted on the individual product pages, providing transparency and assurance in our stock availability and delivery process.

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