Better Bullion Management

Bullion Tracking is the online software for better-mobile-spot-pricesinformed bullion management. It gives you real-time information on your precious metals holdings. You can view all the essential information in one place to enhance the speed and decision-making of precious metals trading.

Highly recommend by its users, the software has helped investors and traders around the world better manage and profit from their portfolios.

Make Wiser Decisions Faster

Mastering your bullion inventory and investment is made easy through Bullion Tracking. You can track the investment activities, quantity, product description, premium and current value of your portfolio. You can see the prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium as well as the trends of your holdings. It saves you the time and hassle of checking for prices and sales data from different sources and helps you make the most of investment opportunities.


Real Time Updates and Visualisation

The data is displayed through an intuitive visual dashboard, helping you see the big picture. The simple visual display puts the data into context. You can chart your profitability and forecasts to decide when to trade.

Price alerts inform you when your target price is reached. You will receive notifications that help you act promptly and maximise the returns on your investment. Your account is multi-currency. It helps you clarify the exchange rates in relation to your precious metals holding. Data and reports can also be downloaded any time in PDF, CSV and XLS.

mobile-gold-inventory-managementComplete Privacy Anytime, Anywhere

The complete security and privacy of your information is very important to us. We do not store your information except for your email address and SSL encryption is used for the entire site.

Bullion Tracking connects you with crucial information on the go and gives you peace of mind. You can access your account on IOS and Android phones and tablets, helping you capitalise on profit opportunities wherever you are.



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