Why Collect Precious Metal Coins

Precious metal investors are familiar with buying bullion. Another option is to buy collector coins, which often increase in value over time due to rarity and low mintages.

Limited Mintage

Limited Mintage

Collector coins are made in smaller quantities than bullion, which in turn can increase their value and desirability. When purchasing these coins you can check the mintage or the number of coins struck in the series. The lower the mintage, the greater the potential value. These coins are not priced only for their metal value but a combination of metal, mintage and high quality. These coins also come with special packaging and documentation.

Benefits of Collecting Precious Metals


As with a fine wine, collector coins can gain value far beyond their purchase price. Newly minted commemorative and collector coins with a low mintage and exceptionally high quality, create value over time due to their rarity. Even popular culture coins can increase in value, as evidenced by the fourfold increase in value of the Beatrix Potter series of silver coins issued by the Royal Mint in the year following their release.

International Market

Although New Zealand-based, MyGold® operates in an international market, sourcing the finest commemorative and collector coins from the leading global mints and refineries.

When it comes to selling a unique collectors coin, there are global auction platforms available.

Spread Your Risk

As smart investors seek to diversify their portfolios, scarce and high-quality products are gaining popularity as investments. In addition to fine wines, whisky, and vintage cars, investing in premium collector coins is also a great way to diversify an investment portfolio, with a product that can hold value and increase over time.

Inherently Beautiful

The striking quality and finish of Collectors Coins from the world's finest mints is unrivalled. They are frequently presented in immaculate packaging and cases, making them highly desirable gifts for loved ones or for yourself. They are inherently beautiful and an experience to behold.

Finished Quality

The finished quality of commemorative and collector coins is much higher than with bullion coins. The manufacturing process is considerably more involved and precise, with a high level of craftsmanship and hand finishing. In many cases, the coins are works of art.

Coin Standards

Collector Coins

In recent years some collector coins have reached prices far above their original value due to their rarity.

At MyGold® we are the exclusive New Zealand distributor for Royal Mint commemorative coins and also supply collector coins from other major mints around the world.

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are produced by mints to remember or celebrate an event. They are always of a much higher quality level than bullion coins and have reduced mintages, adding to their exclusivity and value. They normally come with premium packaging.Mints also produce ranges of collector coins, often released over many years, which tend to reflect pop culture. Owning the complete collection adds substantial value, as can be seen from several series launches by the UK Royal Mint and Royal Canadian Mint (e.g. Tudor Beasts, British Rock, Harry Potter series).

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