My Gold News | 21 February 2023

1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin

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The 1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin arrives featuring the kangaroo in all its glory. Coin collectors and investors around the world adore this coin for its unique design and .9999 fine gold content. If you appreciate coin designs, collect coins, are looking for an investment, or consider coins a hobby, you should add the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin to your collection.

Details of the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin

The Perth Mint guarantees the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin's quality. Look at this coin and you will immediately notice its visual beauty. The coin's wildlife design is detailed to perfection, highlighting this unique animal in all its beauty. The obverse side displays the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Jody Clark. This side also displays the coin's monetary denomination. Place the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin in a coin bezel or presentation box and it will be the shining star of your collection. The coin is minted in several denominations, yet the 1 oz variety is the most coveted. Though the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin is considered legal tender in Australia, the coin is purchased by collectors, investors, and others who appreciate beautiful coins.

The Evolution of the Gold Kangaroo Coin Series

The Gold Kangaroo series first started out as the Gold Nugget series. The Perth Mint is responsible for the production of both coins. The Gold Nuggets first hit the scene back in 1986. Gold nugget designs were featured until 1989 when the kangaroo was put in place of the nuggets. The decision to go with the kangaroo is rooted in the fact that it is the most symbolic icon of Australia. The kangaroo design changes each year, making them quite unique amongst the widely-coveted Gold sovereign coins. It is important to note this year's version of the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo 2019 Coin is the first to feature Jody Clark's new effigy of the Queen on the obverse side.

The Importance of the Kangaroo

The kangaroo is Australia's most notable animal. The kangaroo is the largest marsupial in existence. Female kangaroos carry their babies in their pouches for about 60 days after birth. The baby kangaroos, known as joeys, remain close to their parents until eight months old. Fully grown kangaroos are quite strong. Red kangaroos hop with spring-like back legs at an incredible rate of speed. Some red kangaroos have been clocked at 35 miles per hour. Though most people think kangaroos are limited to Australia, this marsupial also resides in Tasmania, New Guinea and several other islands throughout the Pacific Ocean. Excavations have found tiny and giant kangaroos, some with fangs, in various parts of Australia. From YouTube videos featuring boxing kangaroos to the discovery of the fossils of extinct kangaroo species, there is plenty of interest in these amazing animals. The worldwide reverence and fascination with kangaroos make the animal absolutely perfect for this stunning coin.


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