My Gold News | 21 February 2023

1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Dragon Bullion Bars

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Perth's first-ever Australian rectangular bullion is now available. The 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Dragon Bullion Bars portray the classic Chinese Dragon. This dragon is accompanied by a depiction of a flaming pearl. Aside from the visually striking design, the most intriguing aspect of this new offering is its rectangular form. It is quite a unique shape, to say the least. This idiosyncratic Dragon Bullion Bar is only available for a limited time. Scoop up these Dragon Bullion Bars today and you will have quite an amazing addition to your precious metals collection or investment portfolio.

About the 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Dragon Bullion Bars

The Perth Mint's Dragon Bullion Bars are strictly limited to the 1 oz format. Buyers have their choice of either 0.9999 gold or silver. However, comparably few gold varieties are available. The Perth Mint capped the production of the silver variety at half a million while merely 25,000 gold versions are available. The silver variety is sold in groups of 20 or 200. Tubes are used to store 20 such bars while boxes contain groups of 200. The gold version is sold individually due to the limited availability. Dragon Bullion Bars weigh 31.107 grams. Each coin has girth of 2.40 mm. The silver variety has a diameter of 47.6 x 27.6 mm while the gold version has a diameter of 41.6 x 24.6 mm. Each is preserved in a protective capsule to prevent damage. This is a sovereign coin with a $100 AUD denomination and the full backing of the Australian government. It is worth noting the silver variety has a denomination of $1 AUD.


Dragon Bullion Bar Aesthetics

This is one of the more beautiful pieces ever created by the one-and-only Perth Mint. One side of the coin features a Chinese dragon in pursuit of a flaming pearl. Water, wind, and clouds are depicted behind the dragon. Dragons are held in high regard in Chinese culture as they are thought to be symbolic of good luck, wealth, strength, and power. The Chinese also believe this mythical animal rules over the water as well as the weather. The piece also features the signature “P” mintmark of the aforementioned Perth Mint. The obverse side portrays Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the year (2018), the monetary denomination, fineness, and weight. The fact that the Queen is depicted by Ian Rank-Broadley, makes this unique bullion bar that much more desirable.

MyGold has 1oz Perth Mint Gold Rectangular Dragon Bullion Bars

If you are looking to round out your precious metals collection, own a highly unique piece, or simply put your money into something that is almost certain to appreciate, it is time to invest in these gorgeous Dragon Bullion Bars. MyGold is proud to carry this new offering from the Perth Mint. Give us a call at 0800 465 369 to find out more about the Perth Mint's Dragon Bullion Bars. You can also reach us by email. Send us a message at [email protected] and we will be in touch as soon as possible.