My Gold News | 21 February 2023

1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin

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The 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin is the latest Perth Mint creation to hit the precious metals scene. This lovely coin is the 12th annual issue. Coin collectors, investors, and those who have an appreciation for aesthetic beauty will appreciate this new coin. Let's take a quick look at what makes the Perth Mint's new Silver Koala coin unique, detail its features, and delve into how you can add this piece to your collection.

1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin Details

The new Silver Koala is made with 99.99 percent pure silver. This year's Silver Koala coin is sold in two sizes, each of which displays the koala moving along branches on a eucalyptus tree with gum leaves featured along the background. The eucalyptus tree is unique in that it is the tallest flowering tree or plant on the entire planet. Though eucalyptus trees are incredibly tall, koala bears have no trouble traversing them similar to agile gymnasts. The combination of images makes the new Silver Koala coin one of the most visually unique pieces to hit the market in quite a while. The opposite side of the coin features a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II as portrayed by Jody Clark. This highly distinct design is featured on the new Silver Koala coin with a flawless bullion finish that really sets the coin apart from others in terms of visual appeal. The coins also display the year, fineness, weight, and denomination of one dollar in plain text. The Australian government fully backs the coin's value. 


What Makes the New Silver Koala Coin So Special?

All in all, 300,000 or less of the new 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coins will be made and distributed throughout the world. There is no doubt this coin will be highly coveted by coin collectors, precious metals enthusiasts, and everyday people throughout the world in the short-term and across posterity. The Australian Koala coins are a component of the one and only Australian Bullion Coin Program strictly made at the famous Perth Mint. The series’ first started in 2007. The initial Silver Koala became an immediate hit thanks to its .9999 fine silver and beautiful design. Industry insiders agree there will be heavy worldwide demand for the new Silver Koala coins as they are backed by the Perth Mint, have a limited mintage and high purity.

MyGold has the New 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala 2019 Coin

MyGold is proud to carry the new Silver Koala coin. If you are looking for the perfect new addition to your coin collection, seeking a way to invest in coins, or simply desire something stunning to look at, the Silver Koala is worth consideration. Give MyGold a call to learn more about how to buy the Silver Koala, buy silver in other forms and make the most of your precious metals’ investment. You can reach us by phone at 0800 465 369. If you prefer to contact us by email, send a message to [email protected].