My Gold News | 21 February 2023

Where to Buy Gold Auckland

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When is a good time to buy bullion gold and gold coins? This is a frequently common question among new investors looking to diversify a bit and put some capital into precious metals as opposed to the typical public stock markets. The fact is, stock markets bounce all over the place, and that can give a person a bit of a queasy stomach after a while if all your investments are in just that type of holding. Precious metals like gold help you diversify a bit, hedging against dips in the stock market. For example, gold typical rises when the stock market falls, as people often seek the safety of the precious metal to hold onto the value of their savings versus banks or stocks doing the job.

Gold Has a Market As Well

On the other hand, gold fluctuates as well, and whenever there is supply and demand, gold is going to go down in value when less people want it or there is more selling. These are often good times for new investors to jump into the gold market to achieve a good starting price that will appreciate over time again. Better known as “price slumps,” dips in the gold value market make for great entry moments versus buying at the top of the market and then watching it go down in value.

Go With the Government

Another way to hedge into gold is to focus on government-issued bullion coins, which go up in value not just based on their bulk gold worth but also as collectibles. Certain government-issued gold or silver coins might appreciate with collectible demand over time. Australian Gold Lunar coins and Australian Silver Kookaburra coins, for example, are extremely popular and often sell for more than their spot gold value as a result. Other limited-edition bullion coins for certain years can go for premium pricing as well. 


Watch Out for Proxies

There are "paper" options for buying gold through proxy holdings, such as gold investment pools, exchange-traded funds, and gold mutual funds. The thing to keep in mind here, however, is that you don’t actually own any gold through these investment tools. Instead, you are investing in an agreement with company that owns the gold who uses your funds to do so. Only through their agreement do you have value in your holding. If the company disappears or goes away, so does your money. Physical gold is always the better option if choosing between the two.

Buying Gold Online Takes Good Research

If you decide to buy gold by an online-only gold dealer, make sure you are working with a reputable company. Look at the fine print and understand how your order is insured as well as delivered by protected courier to you. Mail order purchasing is doable, but you are involving multiple parties between you and the seller to make the physical connection and delivery. It would be waste of money and effort to find a good purchase only to lose it because of careless delivery drop on your front doorstep or via an overseas-based company you will have no recourse against if things go wrong.

Gold Dealers Near SkyCity Casino

There are a couple of gold dealers adjacent to and near SkyCity Casino from which to purchase bullion gold or gold coins. These downtown-dealers have been in operation for a good amount of time and are set-up to accommodate to the scrap gold and pawn shop market. This is not ideal for investors seeking ongoing client accounts as investors nor for collectors seeking verifiable provenance of items they purchase. And when your done doing business and settling the details of your investment, take some time to relax as well. Being in the Auckland central business district, you’re only 200 metres or so from SkyCity Casino and the Sky Tower. Grab a cold drink, a hot coffee or bite to eat and enjoy the afternoon a bit.