My Gold News | 21 February 2023

Gold Silver Earth and Alisha Judge Engaged in Copyright Infringement

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Goldsilver Earth Limited’, Auckland – have been found illegally copying content from our website. ‘Gold Silver Earth’ registered to Alisha Judge and Evay Judge, have taken an original photograph from our website and used it to market products on their Trademe account.

It’s disappointing when gold merchants choose to copy our original content and claim it as their own. A lot of time goes into photographing gold and silver bullion products so naturally, we’re not happy that our intellectual property has been illegally copied.

Copyright infringement is a serious issue and one we consider dishonest, illegal, and unethical. We have written to “Goldsilverearth” to make them aware of our ownership of this content, and the appropriate responses expected.
MyGold customers will be aware that it’s important to trade with companies that you can trust, with a track record of utmost integrity. Be smart, ask around, check out our testimonials from customers that have already done the research for you and found MyGold to be the best choice.

GoldSilverEarth” decided that it was easier to copy our original content than to create their own. Would you want to do business with people like that? If someone is capable of acting in this manner, what else are they capable of?
We have suggested all illegally taken content be removed immediately and will keep you informed as to Alisha Judge’s response to our notice to cease and desist from infringing on our copyright.

It’s our strong advice that gold buyers do homework on who are the legitimate, honest, and reputable traders that exist in New Zealand.