My Gold News | 21 February 2023

How to Sell Gold?

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In Deflation, Gold is Economic Recovery

Most folks have heard of inflation, the situation where your money becomes worth less and less over time. However, a related risk, deflation, is also a big problem in modern society. Inflation tends to be the one that gets the headlines and educates more people because governments that print more money to solve financial problems directly contribute to their inflation. Deflation occurs when people can’t find work, no one is spending, and the economy begins to collapse from lack of activity. The government also begins to falter because it loses significant tax dollars that can’t be charged anymore due to missing incomes. Both situations have the ability to really keep an economy handicapped for years, as was in the case of Japan with deflation. So where does gold and silver fit into the above mix? During a deflation period, the big problem many consumers have tends to be insufficient cash. Wages are cut back, so people have less spending power. They buy less, so the economy discounts far more to get people to buy. They can’t, so discounts go further. Anyone lucky enough to have cash can take advantage of real opportunities usually not available. By unwanted selling gold and silver one can generate the needed cash to take advantage of the situation. Add in the fact that both tends to be hedges during deflation, the demand is high for precious metals, adding to the cash conversion potential. Not only does selling gold during a deflation actually help the economy break its deflation cycle, it gives consumers cash strength that normally doesn’t exist. At MyGold we can help. We provide fair pricing with expert gold buyers who explain every step of the process to our customers. We’re easy to find online as well as in Auckland’s downtown financial district, just 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Casino and Sky Tower. Gold is economic recovery, literally. Don’t be an economic statistic; help the economy and increase your buying power.

How Do I Sell Gold?

Where to get started selling unwanted gold is a common question for many when the consideration comes up. It may have been a result of some thorough house cleaning, an estate transfer, a simply personal inventory of what one has or another life change. We all eventually find ourselves with jewellery or precious metal products that we don’t really want or need anymore but without a clear idea what to do with them. There are lots of options today that didn’t exist years ago for selling gold, but that doesn’t mean they are the best way to go. Online auctions and selling platforms exist by the handful on the Internet, but unless you can get someone to agree to send you funds first before you ship your item, you’re inherently taking a big risk. Even those paid up front electronically can find themselves scammed out of gold via chargebacks, when the person pays and then submits a fraudulent charge complaint after the fact, causing the credit card charge to be reversed to your loss as the seller. One of the best ways for folks in New Zealand to sell gold and help economic recovery is to work with MyGold. Your cash will go into what you need, helping New Zealand economic recovery as well as giving your buying power. Whether online or in person, our established business has helped folks for years liquidate their unwanted gold and silver without issue. Our process is safe, licensed, and entirely separated from unknown private parties. You get fair pricing, efficient service, and best of all peace of mind. Visit us in person too! We’re just 200 meters from the Sky Casino and the Auckland Sky Tower, sitting comfy right in the middle of the Auckland financial district. 


How Jewellery Will Price Tomorrow

Given the downturn in markets and the current need for economic recovery globally now, a drop in the value of gold is highly unlikely for the next year and years to come. Just like in 2009 during the last big Recession, gold has become again the go-to hedge, driving up demand and value as a result. And for those with unwanted gold jewellery and similar, that creates a solid opportunity to convert items and pieces not doing anything into useful cash and buying power again. Some folks try to time the market to sell gold, looking for a peak point when to sell their recyclable gold. There’s no need for this. Yes, gold values will fluctuate daily, but the $10 different from one week to the next isn’t going to make or break the bank for you. Instead, if you find yourself faced with unwanted or unusable gold items, sell them at your convenience or when your personal situation needs extra cash without any liabilities against it, i.e. you can put that money into what you really need it for when it arrives. Remember, gold is your New Zealand economic recovery when facing a financial challenge. Lots of unwanted jewellery made of gold will sell well right now. Gold prices are at their highest over the last few decades. Just keep in mind the karat of the gold involved will dictate pricing. In other words, a 12 karat bracelet will be priced far less than a 24 karat bracelet due to the purity difference. At MyGold we can help. Our professional buyer teams work with all kinds of gold daily and can price your items fairly and quickly. There are no hidden fees or surprises. Our focus is on the metal content, and you are paid consistent with purity and market value for rebuy. We also purchase silver, platinum and palladium as well. To find us, just go to the Auckland financial district; we’re just 200 meters from Sky Casino and the Auckland Sky Tower. We’re also online too, so we’re just a click away for your convenience!