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PAMP Suisse Gold Bars - New Zealand

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Who is PAMP Suisse?

PAMP Suisse is a global distributor and marketer of high-quality gold bars and gold rounds. Founded in 1977, the Switzerland-based refinery has become one of the most recognizable mints in the world. PAMP Suisse has exceptional high standards for its bullion and offers some of the purest gold available on the market. If you are considering investing in precious metals, you can rest assured PAMP Suisse gold bars are a solid choice. 


About PAMP Suisse

For decades, PAMP Suisse has positioned itself as a leading bullion brand. The Switzerland company has earned marketplace respect due to its exacting standards and growing catalog of precious metal offerings. PAMP produces bars, rounds, blanks, and more in all shapes, weights, purities, and sizes. The company relies on a variety of precious metals to create their bars including silver, gold, and platinum. Each year, the company handles more than 450 metric tons of gold and 600 metric tons of silver. Despite the large size of their operation, PAMP only uses ethical mining sources and has received the Gold Responsible Certificate—an award given to companies who protect human rights and avoid conflict while mining. PAMP abides by the highest purity standards as a way to assure clients are purchasing the best quality bullion available. PAMP has earned the trust of both individuals and businesses alike by gaining the largest number of simultaneous accreditations in all of Switzerland. The Swiss National Bank, London Bullion Market Association, and Dubai Multi Commodities Center label PAMP products as “Good Delivery.” Good Delivery means that the precious metals have met these organizations’ quality control standards. Gold bars that have been deemed “Good Delivery” must have a minimum gold content of 350 fine troy ounces, meet length, width and height size requirements, obtain a minimum of 995.0 fineness, and include hallmarks (serial number, assay stamp, manufacturing year, and fineness). PAMP is considered an innovator in the field of precious metal trading with the development of the first sealed packaging made for small gold bars. CertiPAMP seals bars in a protective environment while also acting as a certificate of authenticity. Superior customer service is a key part of PAMP’s mission statement. To better assist clients, PAMP provides detailed market reports, location and purity swaps, web trading, and physical trading services. PAMP gold bars are among the most popular products among investors. Gold bars from PAMP have a much lower premium when compared to other bullion investments like gold coins. PAMP is also a provider of custom minting for private organizations and government agencies.


Gold Minted Bars

Gold minted bars are created by PAMP using precise casting methods. Each gold minted bar from PAMP carries high resale value and is considered a good investment option. Minted bars are created in a variety of designs with fine detailing and superior craftsmanship. PAMP’s most popular choices are the Lady Fortuna and Lunar line of minted bars. The Lunar series was launched to celebrate the lunar calendar with a different creature appearing on each bar. Snakes, goats, dragons, and monkeys are included on the gold bars in a beautiful artistic rendering. The bars within the Lunar series include 999.9 gold and range in size from 5 grams to 100 grams. The Lady Fortuna series of gold minted bars depict the Roman goddess of welfare and luck. These gold bars are very popular gifts since Lady Fortuna has been associated with good luck. The bars are also produced from 999.9 gold with sizes that start at ¼ ounce. Currently, Lady Fortuna is considered the most famous ingot ever created. In addition to these popular series, PAMP offers different motifs each year. PAMP gold bars have included botanical, animal, historical, and religious elements. Anti-counterfeit measures have always been a top priority for PAMP. Gold minted bars from PAMP are now utilizing Veriscan technologies to protect consumers from counterfeiting. Each bar is scanned and given its own digital fingerprint and then registered with the mint’s catalog. The gold bars can then be scanned at anytime to confirm authenticity.

Gold Cast Bars

PAMP cast bars are produced using techniques that have been utilized by refiners for thousands of years. Gold cast bars are created through poured molds and lack the refinement of minted bars. Each gold cast bar has unique characteristics and details that won’t be seen on any other casts. Gold cast bars from PAMP are considered a good value since they are not required to go through the additional processing like minted bars. Size options for the gold bars range from 400 ounces to 1 tael. PAMP gold cast bars will include all the hallmarks associated with the brand. On each gold bar, the fineness, weight, country of origin, and PAMP logo will appear. These marks and a serial number confirm the gold bar meets all PAMP’s exacting quality standards. The engraved serial number will match up to the tamper-resistant assay certificate included with each purchased bar. PAMP Suisse backs the weight and purity of the gold cast bars. Gold buyers choose PAMP Suisse bullion because they know the importance of buying and trading from a reputable company. The company’s stunning line of gold bars with distinct details offer up an ideal investment opportunity.