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Silver Bullion in New Zealand

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Investing in silver triggers in most people the idea of holding onto silver coins. And that probably represents 95 percent of people and their exposure to silver as a precious metal investment, aside from silverware kept in the family for fine dining table settings. However, silver coins are not the only option available. In fact, silver bullion offers a step up for silver investors and personal buyers, providing both a larger amount of silver in a physical form and a perfectly viable form of affordable precious metal investing at the same time.

Optional Silver Investment Choices

Bullion bars in New Zealand represent some of the purest quality of silver available as an investment. It’s a smart idea because precious metals often times serve as a hedge and alternative investment against other savings choices like bank accounts, stock markets, or cryptocurrency. Because silver is both an industrial resource and a fine metal source, it remains in demand over the years regardless of what happens with the business side of the economy. Silver is also a far easier price point for precious metal entry than other choices like gold or palladium, which are both much more expensive per unit. As a result, this combination of factors makes silver very attractive both as a personal holding as well as an easy gift choice that can be helpful for a recipient down the road as well.

Silver Bullion Choices

Silver bullion with high quality consistency come in a number of forms and are regularly measured in troy ounce portions. One of the most beautiful options for New Zealanders is the home-based ‘Trophy’ Stag bullion bar, but it is not the only choice. Bullion silver is issued by both government mints and various private silver smelters who cast new bars on a regular basis for both personal investment and larger industrial consumption. Here are some of the details of the most popular choices available to consumers:

The ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coin

The Silver New Zealand Stag includes .999 pure silver in a one-ounce form, perfectly encapsulating the New Zealand natural environment. The coin’s design stems from the antlered Red Deer stag. This beautiful animal can be found in New Zealand’s bush country between Ureweras and Kainanawas throughout the year. The coin is handcrafted by talented artisans for the ultimate visual appeal. It features a lovely mirror finish and impeccable designs. The front side of the coin displays the stag in an aggressive stance. Yet the design also portrays the animal in its natural beauty. The other side of the Trophy Stag Silver Bullion Coin shows New Zealand along with the Southern Cross’s four stars shining high in the night-time sky. Whether you are looking for a solid addition to your portfolio or an absolutely gorgeous coin for artistic sake and numismatic value, the Trophy Stag will certainly suit your fancy.


The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

Matching the gold version from the same country government, the silver Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a top seller for good reason. This piece is incredibly popular amongst coin collectors as well as investors. The coin displays Canada’s national symbol along with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The .9999 Silver Maple is minted and certified by the Royal Canadian Mint, representing an ultra-pure form of silver in an investment form.

The Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo

This choice represents Australia’s Perth Mint which has produced elite gold and silver products for nearly 120 years. One of the Perth Mint’s signature pieces is the lovely 2017 Australian Kangaroo 1oz Silver Bullion Coin. Made with 99.99 percent pure silver, it is perfect for coin lovers and investors who are looking to add pure silver to their collection. Further, the coin has the full backing of the Western Australian Government. If one just wants bullion silver without all the numismatic fuss, then silver cast bars fit the bill. These don’t have all the pomp and circumstance of official coins, like the above:

Perth Mint Silver Cast Bars

The Perth Mint’s Silver Cast Bars are sold in three sizes to maximize versatility: 1kg, 10 ounces, and 100 ounces. These stunning bars are made with 99.9 percent pure silver. Each bar is stamped with guaranteed purity, weight, and the London Bullion Market Association Perth Mint logo. These bars won’t bust your budget, and they can be secured and stored with ease.

NZ Made Silver Bullion Cast Bars

MyGold silver bullion cast bars are the best around. On close examination, you will immediately recognize their superior craftsmanship. We are especially proud of the fact that these gorgeous silver bullion cast bars are made right here in Auckland, New Zealand, a home-based Kiwi product you don’t have to pay import markup to own. These bars are 99.9 percent fine silver, and you can select from varying sizes, ranging from 3 oz to 5 oz, 10 oz, and 20 oz. Each bar features a finish with an idiosyncratic character generated during the molten metal casting process. 


A Lack of Understanding Makes Silver Odd

In earlier times silver was prised just as much as gold. It represented a form of value that could be both crafted into useful items used for luxury as well as a commodity and an investment when times got hard. No surprise, silver was used frequently for currency, for jewellery, and home assets such as silverware for table settings. Over time, these cultural perspective shifted, and silver went out of mode in terms of being an everyday use of value. Both currency and regular trade shifted away from silver, and when fiat currencies came into being, i.e. paper money backed by government, silver suffered its death knell in terms of common use. However, silver never stopped being a precious metal. It was still alive and well for investment. Fast-forward to today. Silver is known but not known. It is rarely discussed by the mainstream media, and most folks who are aware of it do so via investment in precious metals, oftentimes starting with silver because it is far more affordable as a beginning financial step. That said, because silver bullion comes in so many forms, it provides multiple investment options and levels for someone who is brand new as well as a seasoned investment expert.

Getting Started with Your Own Bullion Collection

Silver-seekers have two ways of investing in this precious metal. Silver can be purchased in its physical form or it can be invested in through a financial security. Those who desire tangible silver in their hand, so to speak, can buy silver coins, silver bars and silver rounds (privately minted coins) from precious metal sellers. MyGold has a robust inventory to choose from, for example. The vast majority of silver investors prefer silver bullion coins due to the fact that there is numismatic value in collector coins, and they are far more recognizable. Silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) exist in the stock market, but these are not silver holdings per se. Instead, they are paper investments into a fund that purchases silver holdings. Because of this disconnect, if something goes wrong to the fund, the buyer is out of luck; there is no recourse to get to the silver represented. On the other hand, ETFs are extremely convenient for electronic investment through stockbrokers, so they still attract certain investors who don’t want to have anything physical in their home or in a lockbox. Investing in silver mining companies works similar to ETFs; it’s related to silver but the investment is not a silver purchase per se. While this is a bit more secure in the sense that it is a legal share of ownership in a company, if the company goes bankrupt the buyer is still in the same boat as the ETF fund that goes belly up. Overall, owning the actual precious metal itself is still the best way to go for securely investing in silver, including all the bullion forms of the metal. 

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A New Zealand Silver Bullion Source You Can Trust

MyGold sells only the highest quality silver and other precious metals. We have no qualms in guaranteeing that each of our silver precious metal pieces is approved through industry certifications. The point in making such a guarantee is to ensure customers buying only the best metal grades on the market can do so comfortably and without worry. In the end, silver represents an extremely attractive investment that isn’t directly tied to the ebb and flow of the stock market. Savvy investors who have bought up their fair share of silver won’t panic if the stock market or economy stumbles because silver will always be valuable, regardless of economic conditions. And MyGold is there as your partner for every bullion need you may have.  Selling bullion inventory in multiple forms, from government-issued sovereign coins to cast bars to bullion Mint-classic bars, MyGold will always represent one of the finest New Zealand sources for buying silver as well as other precious metals. After your first purchase experience, you may find yourself asking why you had not looked at MyGold sooner. That's okay, we'll always be there for your and consumers looking to invest in bullion safely and securely.