1kg Silver Stag Cast Bar

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$1,198.86 - $1,212.86*

Min. 10 bars | ETA 3 Weeks

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Following the ‘roaring‘ success of the Silver Trophy Stag Coin, MyGold® are extremely proud to offer the exclusive and highly coveted 1kg Silver Stag Bar. This unique bullion bar is inspired by the magnificent Red Deer stag often found in the rugged New Zealand bush country of the Kaimanawas and Ureweras.

Expertly handcrafted and stamped in 99.9% fine silver, the bar’s design celebrates the Red Stag’s intelligence, majestic presence and magnificence. Each bar has a unique serial number and brilliant finish that sets it apart from other bullion bars.

The MyGold® 1kg Stag Bar will appeal to investors as a hedge and for its tradable value, as well as being a desirable addition to any collection. Being highly collectible, beautiful and extremely well priced, MyGold® customers now have the privilege of owning this unique bullion masterpiece.

  • Weight: 1kg (32.151 Troy oz)
  • Purity: 99.9% Fine Silver (.999)
  • Dimensions: 53.5mm x 116.5mm x 16.5mm
  • Box Dimensions: 280mm x 140mm x 50mm
  • Finish: Brilliant finish
  • Date Manufactured: From 2018
  • Certified: MyGold Ltd.

For volume investors, MyGold® offers discounted price break points at the following quantities:

  • 60-105 x 1kg Silver Stag Cast Bars
  • 120-300 x 1kg Silver Stag Cast Bars
  • 315+ x 1kg Silver Stag Cast Bars

* Price guide only. Subject to product availability and order quantity.

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