Buy Silver 2021 5oz Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures .9999 Silver Antiqued Coin

2021 5oz Chinese Ancient Mythical Creatures .9999 Silver Antiqued Coin



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A stunning tribute to a powerful ancient Chinese legend featuring four heavenly guardians, this extraordinary 5oz pure silver coin is exquisitely finished with coloured & antique treatments

According to ancient Chinese mythology, the universe was divided into four quadrants marking the winter and summer solstices, and the autumn and spring equinoxes. These heavenly quadrants were known as the ‘Four Celestial Palaces’, each represented by a guardian animal with a corresponding colour, element, and virtue.

The coin’s reverse portrays the guardians of the Four Celestial Palaces.

BLACK TORTOISE (Season: Winter, Element: Water)
Symbolic of longevity, wisdom, knowledge, & reproduction; with no males, females were said to mate with snakes

BLUE DRAGON (Season: Spring, Element: Wood)
A symbol of supreme power; benevolent, just, & the bringer of wealth & good fortune

RED PHOENIX (Season: Summer, Element: Fire)
Symbolic of resurrection and immortality; appeared in times of good fortune & believed to bring happiness

WHITE TIGER (Season: Autumn, Element: Metal)
King of all animals & lord of the mountains; a fierce protector with the power to exorcise evil spirits and grant good harvests

Represented in vibrant colour, the four Chinese mythical creatures surround a yin yang symbol at the centre of the antiqued coin’s reverse.

This coin has been individually ‘antiqued’ by hand to give a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact. As a result of this treatment, the appearance of each coin may vary.

Housed in a classic black display case with Certificate of Authenticity & a brightly illustrated shipper

  • Weight: 5oz
  • Purity: 99.99% Fine Silver (.9999)
  • Country: Tuvalu
  • Date Manufactured: 2021
  • Certified: Perth Mint
  • Monetary Denomination: 5 TVD
  • Mintage: 488
  • Finish: Antique & Colour Treatments

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