Buy Silver Silver Collectables 2021 1oz B.H Mayer Palau Scarab Antiqued Coin & Crystal

2021 1oz B.H Mayer Palau Scarab Antiqued Coin & Crystal



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With this stunning shaped coin, CIT combines the symbol of a scarab beetle with one of the most famous Pharaohs to ever live, Tutankhamun. His tomb opening celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022.

In ancient Egyptian religion, the god Ra whose eye is also depicted on the obverse together with the Ankh or Key of Life, rolls the sun across the sky each day, transforming bodies and souls. Over the ages, scarabs have been used to symbolize wealth, as currency, fashion accessory and also to serve as a form of artistic expression.

Thanks to the enhanced smartminting® technology this is a numismatic piece of art in a 1 oz silver ultra-high relief with an integrated crystal. It is decorated with two names of Tutankhamun in hieroglyphene style his own individual name and his title as a Pharaoh which was also found on his throne when it was discovered 100 years ago.

This is an incredible coin you’ll just love the look and feel of, call us today to get our last bejeweled beetle!

  • Weight: 1oz
  • Purity: .999
  • Dimensions: 18mm x 27mm
  • Year: 2021
  • Country: Palau
  • Monetary Denomination: $5
  • Mintage: 1500
  • Mint: Mayer Mint GmbH Germany

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