Buy Silver Silver Collectables 2022 2oz PAMP Silver Shaped Coin- Dinosaurs of North America: Triceratops

2022 2oz PAMP Silver Shaped Coin- Dinosaurs of North America: Triceratops

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Complete the series and add one of the most famous horned dinosaurs to your collection! This 2 oz. dinosaur-shaped coin from the Solomon Islands combines two views of Triceratops horridus: the reverse presents a prehistoric portrait of this formidable herbivore, while the obverse features a modern-day view of its fossil remains. A fun collectible for dinosaur lovers of all ages!


  • FROM THE SOLOMON ISLANDS: Produced by PAMP SA exclusively for MTB!
  • THIS DINOSAUR IS FEATURED LIVE ON THE REVERSE and as a fossil on the obverse!
  • INDIVIDUALLY SERIALIZED: Your coin is individually serialized, with the serial number stamped on the obverse
  • LIMITED WORLDWIDE MINTAGE! Only 2,000 coins will be made available worldwide!
  • TWO OUNCES! Each coin in your subscription has a weight of two ounces!

The 3-horned dinosaur Triceratops horridus lived in the Late Cretaceous period across what is now Western North America. A herbivore, the Triceratops is one of the largest and most formidable land animals in history.

Get yours now, limited sock!

  • Weight: 2oz | 62.2g
  • Purity: 99.99% Fine Silver (.9999)
  • Dimensions: 76 mm x 33.3 mm
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: Solomon Islands
  • Monetary Denomination: 5 SBD
  • Series: Dinosaurs of North America
  • Mintage: 2000
  • Made in : Switzerland
  • Certified: PAMP Suisse

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