Gold Safes

At MyGold® our research has shown that most buyers of precious metals feel more comfortable having their investment close at hand – ideally at home.

We believe that most investors want to remain anonymous while maintaining complete control over their precious metals. To keep your investment physically secure, we offer a range of bullion grade safes. MyGold® are NZ distributors for ChubbSafes, a 200-year-old business whose name is synonymous with security.

When selecting a safe for your precious metals, there are various factors to consider:

  • Capacity - how much space will I require? Will documents and other assets be kept as well?
  • Cash rating - different safes yield different levels of cover. As a rough guide you can multiply the given rating by 10 for bullion cover. So, if the cash rating is '$100,000', the safe can be insured up to $1m in value.
  • Grade - All safes have different levels of protection. Which grade will you require?
  • Fire rating - will documents also be stored in the safe? If so, consider the level of fire protection.
  • Price - Prices will vary depending on the parameters listed above.

MyGold® can guide you through the best options and ensure that once purchased, your safe is expertly installed.

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A Range of Safe Storage to Choose From