Allocated Gold Storage

Store your gold with MyGold® in our fully insured and allocated vault

If home storage isn’t an option for you, we offer MyGold® Insured Custodial Gold Storage. This allows select customers the option to store gold at the MyGold® Auckland vault.

All gold is 100% allocated (meaning that it’s physically present), insured and segregated. All deposits are available for inspection with 24 hours’ notice.

Bullion is fully insured up to its replacement value. Our standard fees, covering storage and insurance, are invoiced quarterly plus GST.

MyGold® provides a highly liquid 2-way market so you can sell your metals back. Settlement from the sale is normally within 2-24 hours, credited directly to your nominated account.

Allocated Gold Storage Vault

Call us today to talk with one of our helpful advisors and see how you can store your precious metals with MyGold® Insured Custodial Gold Storage.