How to Store Gold & Silver Bullion

At MyGold® we believe that ‘if you can’t touch it, you don’t own it’. We do not offer storage on-behalf and recommend customers take physical receipt of their orders and store their items safely in a secure location.

Which Option is Best for me?

Generally we prefer non-bank-owned storage options and would question how independent a company can be if they provide both sales of bullion and security deposit services. The key for most investors is to remain anonymous and have complete control over their precious metals. Points worth considering include:

  1. Your own security-risk profile/tolerance for risk
  2. Your physical location and accessibility of your storage location
  3. The space and costs required to safety store your metal

Most retail customers choose to store items at their home, however we recommend considering a few points related to home storage:

  • Do you have an appropriate safe? There is no upper limit on what you can spend investing in a safe to store gold. Most cheap home-safes are not worthwhile and you should consider talking to a specialist provider. Things to consider are the weight of the safe, it’s capacity, suggested cash rating, grade, price and fire-rating.
  • Is your property protected by a monitored alarm? A simple monitored alarm solution can be a good deterrent to burglars and will provide you notifications when the alarm has been triggered.
  • Will you also list these items on your insurance? Paid Safety Deposit Boxes are not covered by insurance, meaning you have the same consideration when keeping items in a residential location. You will need to declare every high-value item on your contents insurance policy separately to be covered.
  • Who really needs to know you own gold? Consider telling no one that you own gold and silver. While it’s tempting to bring out a few gold coins or silver bars when friends are visiting, this exposes you to unnecessary risk. The less people know, the better for your security.

Safety Deposit Boxes in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand is among the safest locations in the world to store your precious metals. With low crime and corruption, it is one of the freest and most peaceful countries. Storing at an Auckland depository vault can ensure the safe storage of your precious metals. Some offer 24-hour, 7-day access. Opening a safety deposit box in Auckland, New Zealand is easy, cost-effective and gives investors peace of mind.

Contact the friendly MyGold® team for any questions you may have regarding Safety Deposit Box or other storage options.

Weighing the Options

It’s not uncommon for customers to have unique requirements for safe storage of their gold and silver. What one investor is happy with, may not work for another person that has less trust or faith in “the system”.

MyGold® has special knowledge on bullion storage and can recommend the best options for our customers. Your own safe storage requirements are unique to you – for recommendations specific to your requirements please contact us to discuss.

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