1oz Silver Stags in Stock

MyGold® are pleased to announce that due to demand we have begun minting more of the beautiful 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coin.

Made to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, the initial supply for our loyal subscribers is only $30 per oz. This easily makes them the best value for money Silver Bullion Coins in New Zealand.

Sold in lots of 20 x 1oz (Tube)
20 x 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coins @ $30 each = $600

A desire to capture the wild essense of New Zealand that appeals to discerning investors and collectors has resulted in a unique silver bullion coin.
The one troy ounce ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coin was inspired by seeing a multi-point antlered Red Deer stag in rugged bush country between the Kaimanawas and Ureweras.

Get in quick as we only have limited stock available.

0800 465 369 or email rich@mygold.co.nz

“This was my first precious metal investment, partnered with a degree of nervousness as I contemplated the risks perceived with the transaction. It is so often true that our fears are False Evidence Appearing Real as was confirmed to me in this case. The sizeable transaction was a...”