How to Buy Silver in New Zealand?

Buy Silver in New Zealand with MyGold.

Buying silver in New Zealand is easier than most assume. MyGold has gone to great lengths to facilitate the silver buying process to provide you with the perfect new silver for your portfolio. Here is a quick look at our silver buying process.

MyGold Makes Silver Buying Quick, Easy and Rewarding

Our silver buying process is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is let us know what you are looking for and we will email you a purchase order. Send payment and you can pick up your silver from our Auckland office in person. Alternatively, we can ship your silver right to your doorstep so you do not have to invest your time or money on traveling to our office. If you are concerned about the safety or efficiency of this process, do not fret! We will fully insure your shipment regardless of where you are located in New Zealand. It is important to note those who are insistent on locking in the current price must submit full payment on that day. Delay one or several days and the price of silver will change.

You can do Business with MyGold Without Worry About Legitimacy

Buy silver from MyGold and you will rest easy knowing your information, silver and money are handled with the utmost care. Your information is kept completely confidential throughout the silver buying process. Discretion is fully assured. If you elect to have your silver sent to your door, it will be traced and insured from the moment it departs our Auckland office to the moment it is delivered to your residence. It does not get any more secure than that.

The Local Silver Buyer You Have Been Looking For

MyGold takes great pride in being a family-owned and fully independent precious metals seller. Our silver is of the highest quality. Reach out to us and you will interact with a team of true professionals without constrictive corporate policies, inflated prices or other shortcomings characteristic of those big box precious metals dealers. MyGold is trusted by everyday Kiwis as well as institutional investors. We provide a wide range of rates suitable for budgets of all sizes. Each of our silver products has a metal purity guarantee so you can buy without reservation.

Contact MyGold for More Information About Silver Buying in New Zealand

If you have any sort of question or concern about buying silver in New Zealand, reach out to us right away for more information. You will find our staff is cordial, patient and informative. We will guide you through the silver buying process from the initial step of research all the way to the sale at a fair and mutually beneficial price point. If you are even slightly interested in buying silver, contact MyGold by phone at 0800 465 369. We are also available through our online Live Chat feature. If you would like to send an inquiry by email, send a message to our precious metals team at

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