It is often said timing is everything in life. Applying to the right job at just the right time or meeting a potential flame after a breakup are two examples that show just how important timing really is. Timing is especially important when it comes to markets. Those who time their investments properly ultimately make the most money. The question is when, exactly, is the best time to buy gold and silver in 2019?

When to buy Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are becoming that much more popular with each passing day amongst the investing community as these precious metals tend to hold or increase their value across posterity. However, plenty of investors fail to time the market properly. The general assumption is January is the optimal time to purchase gold and silver. Thankfully, quantitative analysts have crunched the numbers on the prices of these precious metals. The math geeks calculated the average daily gain and loss for gold and silver from 1975 until today. The data reveals the price of gold typically spikes in the first few months of the year. The price of gold gradually decreases in the spring, continuing its dip into summer and bounces right back in autumn. Based on this historical data, the beginning of January, April and July are the best times to purchase gold.
It is particularly interesting that the price of gold rarely returns to its low from the previous year. January is the low point of the year yet this price floor is for that single year rather than the previous year. Though the price of gold did drop during some years in the past, this precious metal has an overarching upward trend that will likely continue across posterity. If you like to think in terms of annual quarters, the second quarter is optimal for purchasing gold as this period of months has been historically weak for the precious metal. The third quarter is typically the worst quarter to purchase gold as the precious metal typically increases in value between July and September.

Timing Your Silver Purchase

Quantitative analysts have also crunched the numbers on silver. Silver is comparably volatile. However, silver does not approach the January low like gold. Once all the data is analysed, it becomes quite clear the optimal time to purchase silver is late June. For the most part, silver does not move near its price from the previous year. However, there have been some years in which the price of silver dropped below its starting point. The moral of this story is historical data shows investors are inclined to invest in silver in January as this is when the precious metal’s price tends to be near its annual low.

Did You Miss the January Buying Opportunity? Don’t Fret!

If you did not buy gold or silver in any Januarys past, there is still an opportunity to make money if you time the market right. January is not the sole buying opportunity for gold or silver. The price of gold has decreased more in March than any other month since 1975. If you missed the gold boat in January, you just might be able to hop in around March and still make money. This price trend is not applicable to silver. The price of silver is fairly flat in March. For the most part, June is the best month to purchase silver. If you miss your buying opportunity in June, consider buying in August or September.

Be Strategic When Buying Precious Metals

The moral of this story is investors must time their precious metals investments with considerable care. In general, gold and silver are typically at their low points prior to August. However, the prices of gold and silver are out of your control. Do not over-focus on attempting to time the market just right. The number of ounces you own matters more than getting the timing just right. Furthermore, market conditions as opposed to the month or quarter also have the potential to create precious metals buying opportunities. Investors typically load up on gold bullion prior to an anticipated stock market decline. Investment analysts far and wide agree there is a good chance for a considerable stock market correction at some point in the next year or two. This is your opportunity to load up on gold and make a considerable amount of money.


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