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1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 2016 Coin

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The 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is rapidly growing in popularity. This coin would make the perfect addition to your collection. Issued on an annual basis by the Canadian government, the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is absolutely stunning in appearance, quality, and durability. This world-class coin is produced at the Royal Canadian Mint. Let's dig into all the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf details to help you get a better idea as to what it is all about.

1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Details

The 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf silver bullion coin is legal tender with a five-dollar face value. It is made with 99.99 percent silver content, making it one of the finest of all official bullion coins available across the globe. It weighs one troy ounce which equates to 31.103 grams. The coin has a 37.97 mm diameter along with a 3.29 mm thickness. The obverse side shows a profile image of Elizabeth II as depicted by artist Susanna Blunt. The image was created in 2003 and first introduced in 2004. The other side features the Canadian Sugar Maple Leaf and the word “Canada” engraved above the leaf. The coin's purity of 9999 is also engraved on each side of the leaf. The Canadian government decided to issue a new micro-engraved laser mark along with radial lines and a small, repeating sugar maple leaf beneath the main image in an attempt to prevent illegal replications. Interested buyers will also find it worth knowing that the coin's edge is serrated. These coins are completely similar to one another in all facets except for very minor and unpredictable breaks in the luster, contact marks created by striking, and various subtly spotted surfaces.

1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf History

The 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has been in minting since 1988. It debuted about a decade after the first Canadian Maple Leaf coin series was made available to the public in 1979. Over 29 million 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins were minted sold in 2014 alone. This statistic really gives the audience a good idea as to just how popular the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin really is. The iconic maple leaf has been displayed on the coin in each year of its existence. All in all, three different editions, including special editions of the coin have been released. Each of the three versions has featured a different profile shot of Elizabeth II by the aforementioned Blunt, Arnold Machin (1988 – 1989), and Dora de Pedery-Hunt (1990 – 2003).

The 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin is Currently Available at MyGold®

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