My Gold News | 21 February 2023

1oz Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo 2018 Coin

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The new 1oz Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo 2018 Coin has arrived. This is the first-ever Kangaroo coin made in platinum. Made at the famous Australian Perth Mint, the new Kangaroo coin features Australia's signature marsupial. The kangaroo is depicted bounding across the terrain with sunlight shining behind. This rendition is surrounded by the issue year along with the coin name (Australian Kangaroo), the Perth Mint's classic P mintmark, the platinum purity, and weight. The opposite side shows a lovely Ian Rank-Broadley depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen faces to the right while her name, the issuing nation's name, and the face value of the coin are featured to the sides and below.

Coin Details

Part of what makes this coin so appealing is the fact that it is the first platinum edition of the Kangaroo after years of gold and silver versions. In fact, the Australian Kangaroo was strictly available as a gold coin for more than two entire decades. Silver was added to the series in 2016. Each of the new Platinum Kangaroo coins has a single troy ounce of pure 0.9995 platinum. These coins are legal tender in the country of Australia so each has a $100 AUD value that is fully backed by the federal government. Each Platinum Kangaroo has a thickness of 2.7 mm and a diameter of 32.6 mm. The unique features of this coin combined with its Perth Mint origin make it quite the valuable addition to your portfolio or collection. Regardless of whether you are a collector or investor, the new Platinum Kangaroo is a must-have.


Platinum Kangaroo Quality and Condition

Do not worry about the coin maintaining its mint condition while being transferred from the Perth Mint to our facility and your home. Each Platinum Kangaroo is protected with a special capsule to prevent even the slightest bit of damage. Multiples are available for those interested in purchasing several Platinum Kangaroos. Multiples of 20 are provided in sealed rolls. Multiples of 100 are provided in a box. Each of these coins is listed in BU condition with full coincidence. Coins in such condition show no signs of wear or tear yet there is the potential for subtle flaws. Such flaws are usually limited to very minor breaks in lustre, contact marks made during the coining process, or lightly spotted surfaces.

Why the New Platinum Kangaroo is Red

Look closely at this gorgeous new coin and you will notice the kangaroo is red. The Perth Mint selected the red kangaroo's image for several reasons. The red kangaroo was once featured on the penny, proof silver coins, and gold kangaroo coins. Furthermore, there is no denying the red version of the animal is that much more visually striking. Red kangaroos are the largest member of their species. These kangaroos have massive feet, elongated ears with pointed ends, muscular tails, and powerful legs.

MyGold has the New 1oz Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo 2018 Coin

MyGold is proud to carry the new 1oz Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo 2018 Coin. Drop on in, take a look at our coins and you can bring home one or several for your collection. Our mission is to increase the value of your portfolio and fulfill your precious metals objectives. If you are looking for more information about the new 1oz Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo 2018 Coin or other precious metals, reach out to us today by dialing 0800 465 369.