My Gold News | 21 February 2023

1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coins: Piece to Your Coin Collecting Puzzle

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MyGold is proud to mint and sell the 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion coins. We have minted these beauties in the past, sold out, and recently resumed production due to demand. Investors have told us how much they like the design, quality of minting, and the favourable pricing.

A Look at the 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coins

Our stags capture the spirit of New Zealand to perfection. Our homeland is quite stunning in a number of aspects. New Zealand's wild essence is portrayed on the stag silver bullion coins in exquisite detail. The inspiration for the coin stems from the first-hand observation of a glorious stag. The coin's creator witnessed a multi-point Red Deer stag with robust antlers positioned in the country brush between Ureweras and Kaimanawas. The observation of this wondrous animal in its native New Zealand scenery led to the creation of this widely-coveted collectible. It pays respect to the Red Deer's awe-inspiring aesthetics, intelligence, and spirit.

A Coin Worth a Second Look

Give the coin a close look at you will see that it truly reflects the stag's wild heritage with a particular focus on its stunning antlers used to protect its territory and attract a mate. Each of these shimmering coins is handcrafted by talented artisans, mirror-finished, and quite gorgeous. The front side of the 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coins features a shockingly realistic portrayal of the stag in all its magnificence. The reverse side of the coin shows off New Zealand's natural beauty along with the Southern Cross's signature four stars shining brightly above the southern hemisphere nighttime sky. New Zealand has some of the most captivating natural scenery on the planet. From the country's stunning wild country, wide-stretching bush, and Red Stags, there is no shortage of natural beauty. New Zealand's landscapes are chock full of mountains, far-reaching plains, glaciers, idyllic fiords, volcanic plateaus, subtropical forest, and coastline that stretches as far as the eye can see. This is one of the world's top vacation destinations and movie settings for good reason. Visitors and natives alike are smitten by the undulating farmland, mountain views, and spectacular Canterbury Plains. Traverse this wondrous natural setting and you will find all sorts of unique fauna, flora, and animals. From exotic birds to colourful native flowers, expansive forests, and beyond, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery. The evergreen forests feature totara, rimu, lichens, the giant kauri tree, varieties of beech and so much more. A whopping 20 percent of the country is covered in forest spaces, reserves, and national parks. The kowhai tree is particularly stunning thanks to its eye-popping yellow flowers. Head to the North Island and the bright red flowers of the famous pohutukawa tree will certainly make an impression. New Zealand even boasts an abundance of marine life including dolphins, whales, penguins, and seals. In fact, New Zealand is home to one of the rarest dolphins on the planet, the Hector dolphin. Though the kiwi is endangered and awfully difficult to spot in the wild, the land is rife with other birds native to New Zealand: weka, kea, takahe the morepork owl, and beyond. 


Stag Silver Bullion Coins Specifications

These coins are designed with a lovely mirror finish. They contain a single troy ounce of silver. Each coin is handcrafted by artisans and is sold to buyers in a fully sealed plastic presentation case. The coin's unique style and background are extraordinarily difficult to manufacture without flaw. This is precisely why we are incredibly proud of our absolutely perfect 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion coins. Our exacting standards including a repeated running of the rounds through the press have yielded high-quality coins that impress even the most esteemed coin collectors. The end result is a visually stunning coin that is 99.9 percent silver, measures 39mm by 3mm, features a bullion grade finish, and is fully certified by MyGold Ltd. Our minting processes are incredibly precise to ensure that only the most flawless coins are generated. Take a look at our stag coins and you will immediately recognize our dedication to craftsmanship. Each of our coins adheres to the industry's highest standards. We are committed to creating collectibles and investments of the highest quality. The fineness and weight of each of our coins is guaranteed without exception. We know full well that the end result of our minted products hinges on the execution of a concept. Our team minds all the subtleties of the coin creation process to guarantee customer satisfaction.

A Coin with Mass Appeal

The 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion coins appeal to collectors and investors alike. If the value of silver continues to rise over the long run, these lustrous coins will only be that much more in demand. Furthermore, silver has inherent tradeable value and serves a number of purposes beyond providing aesthetic pleasure. Some even invest in silver as a means of hedging investments during times of political and economic uneasiness. Those who participate in the collectibles market view the 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion coins as highly idiosyncratic. Their limited mint only adds to their value. These coins are as special as it gets.

1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion Coins are Available at MyGold

We have minted a limited number of 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion coins. They sell for around NZ$27.00 each. You can order your 1oz ‘Trophy’ Stag Silver Bullion coins from our website or by giving us a call at 0800 465 0369.