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American Silver Eagles Coins

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The American Silver Eagle is one of the world's most elegant coins. This piece is the United States' official silver bullion coin for good reason. It is quite stylish and gleams brilliantly when exposed to the light. Coin collectors around the world have long coveted the American Silver Eagle for these reasons and plenty more.

American Silver Eagle Background

The American Silver Eagle was initially released by the United States mint back in 1986. The coin was originally minted as a means of increasing the American public's access to silver. It is now available as a one troy ounce piece with a single troy ounce of 99.9 percent pure silver. The coin's face value of a dollar is backed by the United States government yet it holds significantly more value as a keepsake. American Silver Eagle coins are also valued as a means of funding individual retirement account (IRA) accounts. The coin is codified as 31 U.S.C. § 5112(e)-(h) and authorized through the Liberty Coin Act known as title II of Public Law 99-61. The United States Mint has certified the American Silver Eagle's weight, purity, and content.

American Silver Eagle Coin Details

The American Silver Eagle Coin has a reeded edge, a girth of 2.98 mm (equal to 0.1173 inches), a diameter of 40.6 mm (equal to 1.598 inches), and a mass of 31.103 grams (equal to 1.00 troy ounces). The coin was minted in various versions applicable to specific periods of time. The proof version of the coin has been minted since 2010. The uncirculated version began in 2011. The proof version of the American Silver Eagle coins first debuted in 1986. Minted in San Francisco, proof American Silver Eagle coins feature an “S” mintmark. Proof American Silver Eagle coins minted between 1993 and 2000 were minted in Philadelphia and are labeled with a “P” mintmark. Proof versions of the coin minted at West Point between 2001 and 2008 and in 2010 and beyond feature a “W” mintmark. Uncirculated versions of the coin were minted between 2006 and 2008 as well as 2011. These coins were specifically created with coin collectors in mind. These coins were struck on unique burnished blanks and bear the “W” mintmark. Some coin collection gurus refer to this version of the American Silver Eagle as “Burnished Uncirculated” or “W Uncirculated”. Another burnished version of the coin was minted at San Francisco. These coins are marked with the “S” mintmark. They were released in the 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set. 



The American Silver Eagle coin has become so popular that it sold out when reissued in the first week of July 2015. Sales resumed toward the end of the month after the West Point Mint generated additional coins. The Mint originally produced extra American Silver Eagle coins after running out of the 2014 edition eight months prior. It is clear that the American Silver Eagle coin has been and likely always will be in high-demand. Bullion versions of the American Silver Eagle are by far the most prevalent and affordable. Such versions of the coin are commonly labeled as “Brilliant Uncirculated”. The Proof versions of the coins are the most collectible. They are priced much higher, are quite rare, and primarily targeted to coin collectors. Collectors, as well as investors, are quick to scoop up the Proof version of American Silver Eagle Coins. Aside from limited availability, Proof American Silver Eagle coins are shinier than regular Silver Eagles as they are struck two times, allowing for the generation of highly refined details with considerable subtleties.

American Silver Eagle Coin Aesthetics

This coin is highly coveted partially because of its beauty. It was designed in 1986 by an artist named John Mercanti. The coin's design displays an eagle positioned behind a shield while holding arrows in its left talon and an olive branch with the opposing talon. Thirteen stars are also featured on the coin as a means of representing the United States' original thirteen colonies. The obverse side of the coin features a design derived from Adolph A. Weinman's “Walking Liberty” illustration. This design was originally used on the United States' Walking Liberty Half Dollar coin between 1916 and 1947. The imagery became so popular that it was reused for the American Silver Eagle coin decades beyond its creation. Coin collectors around the world will testify to this design's mass appeal and timelessness. The American Silver Eagle Coin's obverse side also includes its year of issuance, the phrase “In God We Trust” and the word “liberty”.

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