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Storing Gold Coins

Why a Safe?

It may seem obvious why you need a safe for your gold yet if you just have a handful of coins, you might feel that a well-hidden drawer or box in your house is enough. However, investors realize very quickly that when their precious metal collection begins to build that home hidden spot just isn’t enough. Worse, it’s amazing how easy it is for your family, relatives, or roommates to find things by accident, even if you hid them really, really well. A personal safe that you control is the practical answer for the serious gold and metal investor. This provides you individual and exclusive control of your holdings as well as their access on your terms. Banks will tell you that a deposit box is just as good for the same purpose, but in reality the bank has control of the box and can empty it on order of the government (a little known secret banks agree to with regulation). Further, a personal safe insures your holdings are not found by mistake or accessed by a thief. Even better, a modern safe provides solid protection against any easy to use features for safe-cracking, such as drilling, prying, and listening. MyGold highly recommends what Chubb Safes offer investors. A Chubb Safe meets all European standards for quality and function, and the standards and certifications of Chubb Safes typically outperform most other choices in terms of competition. Want to see samples or get more information in person? Come by our office in the centre of Auckland’s business district. We are only 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Tower and Sky Casino and very easy to find. Not only can we show you how Chubb safes work, but we can match the right model to your specific needs as well. Protect your gold the smart way - go storage Chubbsafes - trusted all over the world.

What is the Difference Between Commercial-Grade Safes and Others?


MyGold has regularly recommended the use of Storage Chubbsafes – trusted all over the world. The reason is, the standards and certifications of Chubb safes are extremely high and provide some of the safest personal protections of assets, usually ranging from Grade II to as high as Grade VII. What Chubb safes offer also easily meet all European standards of manufacturing and are certified by the EC. This type of package is essential for the serious investor who also wants to secure an additional safety net with loss insurance. That’s because many times insurance underwriters require not just knowledge that the asset is secured but the specifications of the safe or system used for the protection. MyGold has worked with an insurer to create a specific policy for customers wishing to store gold at home and have full insurance cover. Most insurers in NZ won't understand gold or be willing to provide you cover. As a primary distributor of Chubb safes, MyGold provides customers a unique source for precious metal protection in New Zealand. And the product is not a new kid on the block; what Chubb safes offer is a long-standing safe product reputation and leads the market internationally in safe design and product development. No surprise, Chubb safes has a position in all asset security markets from vaults to safe deposit boxes to individual safes ranging from Europe to Asia. Best of all for you, the investor, Chubb safes goes through such a hard testing and qualification process, v recommends them hands-down before any other safe and protection product. Storage Chubbsafes - trust all over the world.

Just Because It’s a Safe, Doesn’t Mean Contents are Safe

Clearly, having a container that is nearly impossible to penetrate is the first expectation for an asset protection safe. The threat of burglary or theft always requires defense and prevention if one wants to ensure his or her physical assets stay put and don’t walk away unexpectedly. However, there are other real risks to personal assets kept at home or in a private location as well. Fire and flood both represent serious problems to assets exposed, easily destroying them in conventional containers. So, the safe you choose needs to protect the contents from all possible hazards, not just the most obvious one of theft. The primary way certified the protections of a given safe involves under not just the possible conditions, but the most extreme ones possible. Chubb safes go through a rigorous process, often times more than what competitors are able to handle. As a result, Chubb safes provide some of the toughest, best-performing protection for personal assets possible in New Zealand. And it’s the number one reason why MyGold recommends a Chubb safe for personal asset protection at home or the office. Whether the risk is fire, burglary, explosive penetration, projectiles, or crushing, the standards and certifications of Chubb safes take a beating and keep on delivering. To find out more in person, visit our office in the centre of Auckland’s business district. MyGold is just 200 meters from Sky Casino and the Auckland Sky Tower. We’d love to meet up and go over the details of Chubb safes and their offerings with you. Storage Chubbsafes - trusted all over the world and definitely on our top list for customers.