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2016 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

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If you are looking for an authorized distributor for the Perth Mint in New Zealand, MyGold is the place to go. Australia's Perth Mint is famous for generating some of the world's finest gold bullion coins and silver products. Each product is created with the support of the federal government, including extensive quality control procedures. Since the Perth Mint has been in operation for 116 years, it is considered to be the premier coin producer in all of Australia. This is precisely why each gold bar and bullion created by the Perth Mint is so highly coveted by gold investors in New Zealand and across the world.

Perth Mint Background

The Perth Mint, operated by Gold Corporation, is actually the oldest operating facility of its type in the entire country. It originally debuted way back in 1898 as a component of the Royal Mint of London network. Though the Perth Mint is not officially affiliated with Australia's Royal Mint system, the Currency Act of 1965 allows for its bullion coins to qualify as legal tender throughout the country. The Perth Mint is also the sole owner of Australia's largest gold refinery. As a result, the mint refines nearly all of the gold that is mined within Australia. There is also a Gold Bullion Coin Program in which buyers enjoy an unparalleled combination of selection, aesthetics and quality. Each coin produced by the program is created by the historical Perth Mint with gold that is 99.99 percent pure gold. The mint's silver bullion coins and bars are provided in 99.9 percent pure silver. You can find all different types of coins from the Perth Mint, ranging from 1/10 of an ounce to full kg. The production of many of these coins is intentionally restricted by mintage to encourage collectability. Each piece of pure gold bullion and silver bullion created by this institution is fully guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. Buyers are able to purchase in confidence, without concern that the bullion will lose its value or that it has an inferior weight/purity.

Why Buying From an Official Perth Mint Authorized Dealer is so Important

You perform your due diligence when you invest in a stock, a car, a home, or anything else of value. Relying on MyGold as your Perth Mint authorized dealer is the equivalent of performing your due diligence in the world of coin sales. Anyone interested in gold bullion coins will find that we are the premier authorized dealer on the market. You can trust each and every Perth Mint gold item that is listed on our website. Furthermore, you can do business with us in full confidence, knowing that our impeccable track record has allowed us to earn the official seal of approval. Only a few distributors in each country are given such an honor by the Mint. MyGold has spent years putting in the work needed to convince the Perth Mint decision makers that we are indeed meritorious of becoming an authorized dealer. Our team has displayed remarkable skill in the buying and selling of precious metals throughout New Zealand. MyGold is actually the only authorized Perth Mint dealer in the nation to refine and cast its own gold as well as its own silver bullion bars. The bottom line is that when you ally with MyGold for your precious metals transactions and you will find that our inventory and expertise can't be matched.

The 2016 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

If you are in the market for gold or any sort of collectible coin, the 2016 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo coin is one of the most impressive gold bullion coins around. It is a sovereign bullion coin created in five unique weights, each featuring one troy ounce of .9999 pure gold. The coin is identifiable through a variety of special aesthetic features. Every single Australian Gold Kangaroo coin is shipped in an individual capsule made of mint acrylic. You can add more protection to your investment in the form of a 32 mm “air-tight” coin holder. The coin ships in un-circulated condition and has a face value of $100 that is backed by the Australian government. There is even a brand new kangaroo design for the 2016 edition of the coin. The animal is instantly recognizable as the country's most popular wildlife symbol, so it is one of the most commonly used symbols for agencies and organizations throughout Australia. Flip the 2016 1 ounce Australian Gold Kangaroo coin over and you will find an image of a kangaroo standing upright. In the background is a silhouette of another kangaroo standing in the distance. There are a number of engravings around the image. One of the engraving reads, “Australian Kangaroo”, while others state the coin's purity, weight, year of minting, and metal content. The obverse face of the Australian Gold Kangaroo coin is quite stunning as well. It displays a profile portrait of Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. This image was actually created by Ian-Rank Broadley and scaled down to size to fit the coin. The queen's name, the face value of the coin, and the nation of the issue are all found on the obverse face as well.