My Gold News | 21 February 2023

Silver Monster Boxes

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Silver monster boxes are in demand across the coin collecting community. From the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf to the Silver New Zealand Stag and beyond, these highly unique silver pieces are the perfect addition to every coin collection. Instead of selling boxes, MyGold offers unbeatable prices when customers opt for the monster box size of 500 lots. We make the silver monster boxes buying process as easy and affordable as possible so you don't have to worry about trying to import them yourself. MyGold is the trustworthy precious metals merchant you've been looking for.

The 1oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is one of the more highly coveted silver bullion coins. Ask coin collectors about this piece and they will rave about its beauty. This .9999 coin presents Canada's national symbol in all its glory. The coin also displays an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II to boot. It weighs one troy ounce (31.10 g) and has dimensions of 38mm by 3.29mm. Opt for the monster box and the dimensions are 245mm by 200mm by 120mm. The coin's face value is $5 Canadian. However, the coin's will likely rise as time progresses.

Silver Maple Background

Produced at the renowned Royal Canadian Mint, this piece is the manufacturer's flagship silver bullion. The Silver Maple has received international acclaim as one of the purest silver coins on the market. In fact, the coin has the highest silver purity and face value of all silver bullion coins across the globe. The Silver Maple is available in minimum quantities. It is also possible to obtain Silver Maples in 500 oz Monster Box packages. Rest easy when you purchase Silver Maple Monster Boxes as this is the type of coin that tends to hold its value even when the markets slump.

Trophy Stag Silver Bullion Pieces

The “Trophy” Stag Silver bullion coin is a .999 pure silver piece that is beloved by coin collectors around the world. The Stag Silver coin is a fantastic way to capture New Zealand's wild side from the safety of home. Stag silvers are mirror-finished, handcrafted, and absolutely gorgeous in every regard. This coin is valued for its aesthetic beauty as well as its tradable value. 


Stag Silver Details

The Silver Stag weighs a single troy ounce (31.10g). Made of 99.9 percent fine silver, the Silver Stag has dimensions of 39mm by 3mm. Each coin has a lovely bullion grade finish.

Stag Silver Bullion Style

The coin's design stems from the observation of a multi-point Red Deer stag positioned in the bush country. The front side of the coin honors the intelligence, beauty, and zealousness of the New Zealand stag. The other side displays New Zealand and the Southern Cross's four stars shining bright in the night sky. This intricately detailed coin is quite difficult to manufacture. Complex exacting standards are required and the rounds must be run through the press twice. The end result is a stunning Stag Silver bullion piece of the highest quality.