My Gold News | 21 February 2023

What Makes the 1oz Gold Perth Mint Goat Coin 2015 So Valuable?

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One of the most important things about coins and what makes them very collectible is when they were created, the inscriptions on them, and the materials used to create that coin. This is what makes the Perth Mint 1oz Year of The Goat 2015 Proof Gold Coin an amazing addition to any collector’s stash, because not only does this have an amazing design, it’s also made out of pure gold and it brings you the ultimate quality as well.

Design and presentation

Right off the bat, once you see the box you see that the coin inside is one of a kind. They added high-quality materials for the box and also made the upper side out of wood so when you open it, the entire experience is impactful and simply stunning. The coin design is quite spectacular as well because it’s a little larger than normal coins yet it maintains a great, collectible aesthetic and that’s really enjoyable.


This Perth Mint 1oz Year of The Goat 2015 Proof Gold Coin is created with gold from the Perth Mint. They actually became very popular thanks to the large number of persons that chose the mint as the best place to refine gold and then create coins out of them. This led to the success of the Perth Mint as many diggers from Australia chose it as the best place to deposit their raw gold. That happened in the 1860s but since then the Perth Mint has evolved and recently it has opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to deliver the best results in the industry. That, combined with more than 100 years of excellence clearly shows why you should get this Perth Mint 1oz Year of The Goat 2015 Proof Gold Coin!

Coin features

There are many things to like about this particular coin. Not only does it have proof of quality that shows it’s made out of 99% pure gold, but at the same time, it includes a nice 2015 year of the goat design that makes it very appealing. Moreover, it’s available with extremely limited mintages and you can find it in different packages such as the 1oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, and a Three-Coin Set. Each one of these is very collectible and truly unique, so you should definitely check them out. They also integrate a certificate of authenticity so you can rest assured that they come from the fable Perth Mint. The Perth Mint 1oz Year of The Goat 2015 Proof Gold Coin is lightweight and offers a truly astonishing look, but the overall manufacturing methods will impress you. The product is refined, of a very high class and the attention to detail is exemplary. It looks amazing and it manages to offer you a pleasant visual experience. No matter if you are a collector or just want to gift it to someone, the Perth Mint 1oz Year of The Goat 2015 Proof Gold Coin is an amazing purchase and the price is great considering what you get. Contact MyGold to learn more about it and make sure to get your own copy, it’s a very limited edition!