My Gold News | 21 February 2023

1 oz Australian Platinum Platypus Coin

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New Zealand-based MyGold is the premier authorized distributor for Australia's famous Perth Mint. The Perth Mint is widely lauded for creating some of the finest gold bullion and silver in the world. The facility has been in operation for well over a century for good reason. The items created at the Perth Mint are generated with the federal government's permission as well as its support. There are a number of in-depth quality control procedures put in place to ensure the integrity of each gold bullion coin or silver item created at the Perth Mint. As a result, the items produced at this facility are desired by gold and silver investors in New Zealand as well as investors located in other countries.

Perth Mint Background

The Perth Mint is the longest-running facility of its type in the entire country. Operated by the Gold Corporation, the Perth Mint opened its doors way back in 1898. It originally functioned as a wing of the Royal Mint of London network. Australia's Currency Act of 1965 allows for the Perth Mint's bullion coins to serve as legal tender. This is a bit surprising to some as the facility is not connected to the Australian Royal Mint system in any way. The fact that the Australian government is willing to accept the Perth Mint's creations as legal tender is a testament to the facility's legitimacy as a bullion producer. It is also worth noting that the Perth Mint owns Australia's sole gold refinery. The facility refines the vast majority of the gold plucked from Australia's mines. Those who choose to participate in the Perth Mint's Gold Bullion Coin Program relish a unique combination of quality, choice and aesthetic appeal. The coins created through this program are all made at the Perth Mint with gold that qualifies as 99.99 percent pure. Even the facility's silver bullion bars and coins are 99.9 percent pure. Furthermore, each piece of silver bullion and gold bullion is backed with a full guarantee by the Western Australian government. Anyone who is interested in purchasing from the Perth Mint can do so in full confidence, knowing that the bullion will not relinquish its value across posterity. Concerns regarding the weight or purity of this bullion have no merit whatsoever. Buyers will find an array of varied coins produced at the Perth Mint, from full kg to 1/10 of an ounce. It is important to note that the production of some of these coins is intentionally limited by mintage to foster their collection.

MyGold® is an Authorized Distributor for the Perth Mint

You can do business with MyGold without reservation. We are proud of the fact that we are a Perth Mint authorized dealer. You can place your faith in all of the Perth Mint gold products found on our website. Our flawless track record has earned us the Mint's official seal of approval. It is an honor bestowed upon few distributors. MyGold is the sole authorized Perth Mint dealer in new Zealand to cast and refine its own gold and silver bullion bars. Team up with us for your precious metal purchases and you will have access to an unrivaled expert knowledge base and inventory.

1 oz Australian Platinum Platypus Coin

The Perth Mint recently introduced the lovely Australian Platypus platinum coin as a part of Australia's impressive bullion coin program. The coin is struck from a single ounce of platinum that is 99.95 percent pure. The backside of the Australian Platinum Platypus coin features an image of the web-footed mammal diving below the water's surface. It shows the Perth Mint's official “P” mintmark to boot. There are also inscriptions bordering the image of the platypus. These markings state the coin's purity (9995), weight (1 oz), and year-date (2011 or later). The front side of the coin displays Ian Rank-Broadley's effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. In terms of other aesthetic features, the Australian Platinum Platypus 1 oz coin bears a gorgeous matte blast finish with stunning highlights. Each Australian Platinum Platypus 1 oz coin is sold in a protective plastic capsule. The Australian Platinum Platypus coin is characterized as an “investment” coin as it fills in a gap in the Perth Mint's series of investment coins. There has been a gap in this series since the platinum Australian Koala series was removed back in 2000. Similar to other Perth Mint creations, the legal tender value of the Australian Platinum Platypus 1 oz coin is $100 Australian dollars. In the context of trading, the coin is commonly sold on the world market for a premium that is slightly above its platinum value. The fact that it is guaranteed by a sovereign country only adds to its value. A mere 30,000 Australian Platinum Platypus coins were produced in 2011. The same limited mintage was applied in each of the following years. According to Ron Currie, the mint's Sales and Marketing Director, there has been a resurgence in demand for platinum in the past five years or so. This spike in interest combined with the limited availability of high-quality platinum coins and the Australian Platinum Platypus 1 oz coin's gorgeous animal design has inspired numerous investors/collectors to purchase the coin. There should be little doubt that the Australian Platinum Platypus coin has become quite the collectible coin. Most coin collectors consider it to be one of the most highly respected solid bullion pieces on the global market.